DIY Wind Turbines And Save Lots Of Money

Wind is always there, always present, no matter what we do. The wind will always blow. So, why not make the most of it, and take some of its amazing power to generate electricity. More and more people are making up their minds to build DIY Wind Turbines, thus saving a lot of money. Unlike solar energy, that requires special solar panels, which must be bought for the occasion, a great wind turbine can be made of scrap, objects that can be found in any scrape yard.

The first thing you need is a 12 volt generator. This will be the core of the wind turbine. As a matter of fact, a generator is the opposite of a motor, that is to say, it is possible to adapt an old electric motor, and turn it into a generator, with little hassle. Most typically, the contact pads between the inner wiring and the rotors have to be replaced, because they will be worn out. When a motor is turned into a generator, the speed it needs to rotate to function properly generating energy, is much higher than the speed it usually rotates when functioning as a motor. So, as a consequence, we will need a motor with little RPM (revolutions per minute) but high tension generation. To give it a try, connect it to a 12 V light bulb, and manually spin it. The bulb must light up. Remember the new generator must spin the other way around than when it was a motor.

How about the propeller? Well, here a lot more of ingenuity must be employed. If you get your way around with wood, you might attempt to carve and produce your own propeller blades. This can be pretty tricky, as they must be perfectly balanced to ensure perfect rotation when the wind blows. Remember that once they have been installed and start spinning, if they rotate unevenly, they can be very dangerous. So, plastic or PVC might be a more achievable option. Plastic can be cut easily by hand and it is much easier to work than wood. A more sophisticated alternative can be fiber glass. The trick is to get the least resistance, and the most speed. So, check some aerodynamic design material before attempting to cut them.

A gear wheel can do the magic of uniting the blades to the generator. If you cannot find one that suits your motor/generator, it is always possible to purchase the right one that fits perfectly. If you know your way around with power tools, you can also create one by cutting the teeth by hand. Forget about plastic. This piece must be made of metal that will endure the stress of millions of rotations.

Bolts and nuts must be used to attach the blades to the wheel. Thing is, use the same measure of bolts and nuts for every blade, to prevent misbalances. You are all set. You can charge regular car batteries with the mill, or go for a more sophisticated alternative, and make an electronic control panel that will regulate the flux of energy going to the batteries, and prevent waste.

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