Invest in a New Energy Option With a Ground Source Heating System

Ground source heating systems use pumps to transfer heat to and from the earth to preserve a typical, pleasant indoor temperature. The earth maintains a constant temperature, regardless of the season, and that energy can be transferred into a proper heating and cooling source. These systems are cost efficient ways to provide heating and hot water sources to commercial and residential properties.

What is Ground Source Heating?

Ground source heating systems are energy and cost efficient ways to provide heating, cooling, and hot water to residential and commercial properties. Ground source heating systems utilise geothermal heat pumps to transfer heat to and from the ground to the centralized heating system. The earth in the UK maintains a temperature between 12 degrees C to 16 degrees C, and that heat can easy to transformed into a comfortable living or working atmosphere with the use of a ground source heat system. Since these types of systems rely more on the dependable energy of the earth and less on gas and oil, their customers end up saving significant amounts on their utility bills.

Benefits for Residential Customer

Ground source heating systems offer numerous financial benefits to customers while providing them with a dependable heating and cooling source. After installing a ground source heating system, you will immediately feel alleviation in your household energy costs. Customers who switched from using gas and/or oil as their primary heating source have saved up to 70% on their monthly utility bill. As for the initial investment of installing a ground source heating system, government grants are available through the Clear Skies Scheme. Ground source heating systems rely on geothermal energy, which is clean and safe; odourless, quiet, and without a flame. Customer will not have to work to performing maintenance on their heating systems, and most offer an attractive warranty package. Even if your residence is already equipped with under-floor or radiator heating systems, your existing system can be adapted to work seamlessly with a ground source system. The best way to combat rising energy costs is to harvest the earth's energy to heat and cool your home and hot water.

Benefits for Commercial Customers

Ground source heating systems provide commercial customers with numerous tax and financial benefits, while provide their place of business with an efficient heating and cooling system. In many cases, your company can receive tax credit for installing ground source heating systems through the Enhanced Capital Allowances programme. In addition, these heating systems usually exceed the government's 10 percent renewable energy plan (Merton Rule). Installing this technology into your workplace will be cost efficient as well, as the British Gas consortium has made funds available in the form of grants through the DTI Low Carbon Building Programme. Ground source heating systems are highly efficient and have proven to lower utility bills for commercial customers, while upholding impeccable maintenance records.

Ground source heating and geothermal energy has many positives and is something that many households and businesses alike are looking into as an environmentally beneficial practise.

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