Residential Solar and Wind Systems: What Are the Costs?
Most Texas homeowners considering a solar energy system or residential wind turbine system will quickly face sticker shock. Wind turbine systems can run as high as $65,000 installed. The average cost nationally for...
By Vernon Trollinger
Alternative Energy Solutions Can Save You Money
If you want to save money on your electricity bills then you may be looking for alternative energy solutions. Fluctuating energy prices and a difficult economic climate are leading many people to look for savings on their household costs.
By Adrianna Noton
Pros and Cons of Installing a Low Wind Generator
In these times where the financial crisis has forced people into finding new ways to save their hard earned money. One way that is commonly used now is using alternative energy sources to power their homes.
By K. Purdenn
How to Produce Your Own Homemade Wind Power
With the rising prices of oil products, energy in general has been getting more and more expensive as time passes by. This is why renewable energy sources have been getting quite popular.
By K. Purdenn
3 Tips to Consider Before Building Your Own Wind Powered Generator
Wind turbines are a great way to produce your own electricity to power your home. You can drastically reduce your electricity bills, and you're reducing your carbon footprint at the same time too.
By K. Purdenn
Factors to Consider Before Installing Your Own Residential Wind Turbine
Due to the ever increasing costs of electricity many homeowner have turned to renewable energy sources to power their homes and save on their electricity bill. And having Federal and State tax incentives only made the prices of these systems more...
By K. Purdenn
Facts About Solar Energy - A Beginner's Guide
These are some basic facts about solar energy that may inspire you to learn more about the many ways now available to use this clean renewable alternative in your own daily life! Solar energy is a natural form of renewable power that comes from...
By MS Rochell
Green Energy Versus Nuclear Power
I have just been reading about Namibia and how Uranium production is booming and creating jobs in this developing African nation and I thought it was about time I revisited the nuclear power debate after a 3 year break. With the main UK political...
By Indiann Davinos
Solar Energy is Truly the Future
A recent study shows that solar energy could produce more than one quarter of all our energy needs in 40 years. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times: By 2050, the world could be getting a quarter of its electricity from solar power...
By Frank Yaconis
Solar Power Nothing New Under the Sun
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there is nothing new about solar technology. It probably started sometime in the 7th Century B.C. when people learned how to use glass and sunlight to light a fire. But today's sophisticated solar...
By Frank Yaconis
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