Hiding Their Cash in a Microwave?

Your Cash is no longer safe!

This is a quick and dirty post because I think this news needs to get out right now because this is so important! I learned of this when a friend sent me this news clip, and I was shocked.

So the Story Headline is "People are hiding their cash in their microwave".

Why is this being done?

The Private Owners of central banks of the European Union have the goal to force their subjects to give up cash and instead adapt a wholly electronic banking system where ALL monetary purchases MUST take place through the banking system they own. Under the guise of protecting the country from terrorist, Sweden's government is demanding the ability to track all monetary exchanges. A level of control that cannot be accomplished when citizens hold cash that can change hands without a middleman. The fact that these goals can only be accomplished with the creation of a wholly electronic exchange system designed so all transactions require a bank to make any exchange. To those that are awake, you realize that this information certainly would serve no purpose in tracking and preventing terrorist activities. What it does do however is set up that nation for the implementations of certain New World Order/UN objectives. This being items such as the Codex Alimentarius agenda and the One World Money agenda of the IMF because as long as people have a means of exchange that is not tracked it is nearly impossible to force what they can and cannot buy and in what quantity. Additionally, an individual's wealth cannot be tracked, nor can people be forced to become wards of the state. Within the European Union, these goals cannot move forward without consolidation of the monetary system. Such a consolidation within Europe is not possible with a strong and effective Swedish Krona.

It is important to note that the citizens of Sweden are resisting the migration to the Euro by a margin of more than ten to one and as a result have seen the value of the Krona increase 8 fold over the Euro.

How is this being done?

The central bank has issued a negative prime lending interest rate. Ever hear of the before? Most of you have heard of our privately owned central bank named the Federal Reserve issuing the prime lending rate. What this rate is actually is the cost to the American People and Government for use of Money. Now I want to make clear what that means. This is not an interest rate you need to worry about ONLY when you are applying for a loan as the news media would have you believe. See since all money in the US, both paper and electronic is OWNED by the Federal Reserve, which is also privately owned, that interest rate is what the American People have to pay to this private bank to hold and use their money. The interest, which that rate represents, is paid on this debt that can never be repaid via income tax.

We have all heard that the lower the Primary Interest rate, the better. But isn't a negative number smaller than a positive? No, that false mathematical concept taught in school is completely wrong. Negative numbers are very real and get larger as you move from zero. Negative is a sign of direction, not quantity. So what does a negative Prime Interest rate mean? Let's take a look at some simple math to make it clear.

In our example a depositor places a $100 dollars in a bank. The bank pays this individual interest of say 3%. So over a year the $100 dollars "earns" 3 dollars and at the end of the year the depositor now has $100+$3=$103 dollars. Simple enough right? Even if the bank doesn't pay interest the depositor would have $100 at the end of the year (assuming no fees). What about a negative interest rate? Well let's do the math. 100x(-.03)=(-3). Take the -3 and add it to the hundred dollars and what do you have? $100+(-3)=$97 dollars. That's right, the quantity of the money in the account declines.

If a person does nothing, all of their money will be confiscated overtime. This pressure forces people to withdraw their money from the bank and place it into some physical holding like a safe or in the case of Sweden apparently a microwave oven. The reality is that most people cannot effectively save money when they have a pile of cash sitting around. Over time the average person will start to "bleed off" this cash reserve and place the money into circulation.

Italy has joined Sweden in issuing a negative Prime Lending Rate.

What happens next?

In monetary systems with fixed volumes of money, such as those based upon a gold or silver standard, the rate of inflation and deflation of the cost living is directly tied to how much money per-individual is in circulation. In societies where citizens save a significant portion of their income, the buying power of the money can be significantly impacted by those savings practices because it determines the amount of money per-individual is in circulation. Additionally, over time as the population increases in societies with fixed volumes of money, the amount of available money per-individual actually decreases, thus the buying power of the money will increase as well. Some close to home results of this will be a general decrease of the cost of living over time and the increase of the value of house hold savings. A more distance but equally important result is that over time the value of the money of a fixed volume system steadily increases in the international market, while fiat currencies like the Dollar or Euro will steadily decrease. This is what has happened with the Krona and the Euro.

Even in a society that has a fixed volume of money, when the savings of those in that society is placed into circulation it can have a negative impact. Once the money goes into circulation inflation starts to climb. The international value of the currency drops empowering the international community, while disempowering the local population. The income of individuals becomes worth less and living day to day costs more. This causes the individual to "bleed off" their savings even faster just to keep up. When the dust settles, many of the average citizens will no longer hold any hard assets, indeed they may not have any assets at all. The hard earned prosperity of the Swiss people is be lost, while no one except the very wealthy outside of the nation will benefit. Remember this redistribution of wealth wasn't a result of market factors but of directed action of the owners of central banks.

Can it Happen Here?

Most certainly! Historically we have seen that the New World Order/UN have used Europe as a lab to run "Test Case" in order to refine processes before running them in the more independent minded US. If they are now doing this in Europe, you can count on this happening in the US within a few years.

What to do?

Well we have a few options. One is to start placing all your assets you possible can into precious metals like gold or silver. Not the "ledger" assets which will become worthless do to the run on the banks during such times, but hard assets stored in your safe.

Most people have been lead to believe that cash is the anchor of value so they believe the fluctuating "price" of precious metals reflects how much the metals are worth. Truth is that is looking at the world upside down. In fact precious metals are one of the anchors of wealth, not the other way around. The fluctuating "price" of precious metals is an indication of the change in the value of money, while the purchasing power of precious metals remains constant over time. Consider this example... Two ounces of Silver has had the purchasing power to fill a gas tank of the average car now for 40 years. That has not changed. However that same amount of cash stuffed in your vault for 40 years ago wouldn't get you a cup of coffee today.

Other options are to look into independent currencies such as bitcoin which sell at the time of this writing at more than $400 per coin. These independent currencies are outside of the control of the Privately Owned Federal Reserve and other privately owned banks so that the value is truly market driven. Since only a fixed amount of BitCoin will ever be issued, it will enjoy the advantages of a fixed volume money system. As the adaptation of BitCoin is increasing over time the BitCoins you hold will increase in purchasing power.

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