What Are The Factors That Influence Crime And What Are The Possible Ways Of Preventing It

The frequency of criminal activities in the US is increasing day after day. There are a number of reasons as to why people commit crimes and it has been identified that there are no quick solutions to deal with this situation in the country today. When people become victims of crime they normally consult the law enforcement agents. For instance, people becoming victim of criminal activities in the Chattanooga city may seek professional advice from the Chattanooga attorneys. A Chattanooga attorney will be able to help the victim when it comes to dealing with court proceedings and other legal matters. Crime has a great effect on the community and there are various reasons as to why individuals indulge in criminal activities.

It has been revealed that children who are being neglected by their parents choose the path of crime later in their lives. Peer pressure is also a major factor contributing to crime today. Students who are weak in education and are unable to perform up to the required standards often become criminals in future. Many of these unlucky children come from families who lack sufficient money and therefore are unable to pay for the clothes, books and other necessary things. These kids form groups and criminal gangs and resort to extortion, theft and fraud as a means of achieving material items which they had been deprived of.

Abusing substances such as drug and alcohol abuse has a strong influence on an individual's ability to decide things. When people become involved into drugs, they often commit crime to support their drug habits. Additionally, an absorbed individual can become a vulnerable target for another criminal due to his inattentiveness. The crime life has been made easier in the US through the easy access of handguns. In most reported cases of crime, the arm that was used was a handgun which was either stolen or purchased from black markets.

Studies have also revealed that most of the crimes are committed by uneducated people. This means that they became criminals out of poverty and unemployment to cater for their basic needs and to support their families. Even if they had a job at some point, the money obtained from the workplace wouldn't be adequate to fulfill the needs of the family. With so little earnings it would be beyond the bounds of possibility for such people to even cater for their basic needs and crime was the only profitable business that could aid them in fulfilling their needs and wants.

There are numerous methods of preventing crime. Penalty and forcible detention already exist to reduce the rate of crime. Another method is by not providing these criminals the chance to commit crime in the first place. This can be achieved by proper light system, improved security arrangement, locking bars and protector dogs. Moreover, if people are given proper education then there will be a vast decrease in crime level as they will be able to get a job which will be able to cater for their basic needs and wants. Also available are treatment programs which influences people to make positive choices and refrain from criminal activities.

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