The Basics About Cigars

Smoking of cigar is a complicated art. One is required to have a thorough knowledge of cigars to enjoy it fully. For a beginner, it is very essential that he selects the right kind of cigar and learns about that specific cigar in order to appreciate it to the fullest. There are so many types of cigars available in the market that he finds it difficult to make a choice. They are so over awed by the large varieties of cigars available that they just purchase any cigar from the shop or place an order online. Due consideration must be given to various cigars before making a final choice.

First thing that is noticed in a cigar is its color. The color actually refers to the wrapper's color and leaves of tobacco used. The wrapper implies cigar flavor which normally indicates the origin of the country of cigar. These wrappers are of various colors. Light colored wrappers have mild taste. Dark colored wrappers are sweeter and have full flavor. Cigar wrappers are of following colors -

(a) Light tan (Claro) - It has dispassionate flavor.

(b) Greenish (Claro Claro) -It is slightly sweet. Leaves are plucked before they mature and are dried immediately.

(c) Reddish brown (Colorado) - It has rich essence and delicate fragrance.

(d) Dark brown (Maduro) -The wrapper is oily and silky. It has strong essence and mild fragrance.

(e) Black (Oscuro) - They are generally black and present an oily look. Their colors are the darkest. Leaves are not plucked from the plants for a long time and are given adequate time to mature. These are grown in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and Nicarague.

Cigars are of various dimensions. The length and size of cigar establishes the quality of taste and smoke. Its size is determined by the length and diameter of the ring.

Cigars are generally of the following sizes:

(a) Panatela - 6.5 x 35

(b) Corona - 5.75 x 42

(c) Lonsdale - 6.75 x 42

(d) Double Corona - 6.5 x 48

(e) Churchill - 7.25 x 48

(f) Robusto - 4.5 x 50

Cigars having bigger ring gauge have composite flavors. They produce more smoke. In bigger ring gauge, cigar makers are in a position to blend various types of tobacco leaves in such a manner that it gives varying smoking experience.

Cigar's length is important. Longer cigars are normally not rolled properly and add to inconsiderate smoke. After selecting a particular cigar as per your taste, you should ensure that it is fresh. 70 % humidity is ideal for keeping cigars fresh in shops. You should check cigars for their freshness. Keep it in hand to feel if it is hard or soft. The soft cigar should be selected as the smoke produced by it will not be very harsh and will produce a delicate flavor. There is a lot for new cigar smokers to learn in order to always have that perfect cigar at hand but with a little research and most importantly some experience, almost everyone can enjoy and become knowledgeable about cigars.

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