Your Guide to Emo Fashion

Emo fashion is inextricably associated with that genre of music and it is unmistakable. The look extends from the clothes worn to the jewelry and the hairstyles used by its followers, most particularly teenagers. However, it is very easy to get the look wrong, and this mostly happens due to trying too hard.

There is a stereotype of emo fashion, and that is of a person wearing skinny jeans and T-shirts bearing the names of emo bands. Teenagers who follow this style normally go for an angst ridden and emotional image and the clothes are meant to portray that image. There is also a specific hairstyle associated with this style of dressing.

Only a person who is immersed in the emo culture would know how to dress correctly. There are a lot of nuances to it and a person who is not in the know will get it wrong very easily. Teenagers are very unforgiving of these fashion transgressions and if you try to do emo fashion without e knowing too much about if you are sure to be the laughing stock of your peer group.

The first thing to have is a pair of skinny jeans, preferably in black, although bright colors are sometimes acceptable. Even a well fitting pair of jeans will do, but a baggy pair is absolutely unacceptable. The T-shirt you wear will have to be chosen with care. They are usually tight as well, with the names of emo bands on them. Just be sure to never commit the cardinal sin of wearing the T-shirt of the band whose concert you are attending. That will immediately mark you out as someone who is trying too hard.

Emo fashion is incomplete without a hoodie. Of course, the hoodie cannot be just any type. For example, a hoodie of a college or a sports team simply will not do. You have to only wear hoodies that have emo bands names on them, or failing that, a plain one will do. Jackets will just not be acceptable.

You have to accessorize your clothes carefully if you want to put your emo look together correctly. Long skinny scarves and fingerless gloves will give you the correct look. The most popular shoes worn along with this look are Converse or even Vans. If you like jewelry, a few piercings are fine, and so are studded belts and wrist bands. You can also round off the look with a messenger bag.

Your hairstyle is also a vital component of the correct look. Many young people straighten their hair and wear it black. They also style it to fall over their forehead and sometimes over their eyes. You can finish off with the right makeup. You will need to wear a lot of eyeliner and black nail polish to get the correct look.

You should be able to get the right look if you follow these pointers. Just make sure that you do not inadvertently get a Goth or punk look by overdoing the makeup and piercings.

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