Top 5 Reasons For Tattoo Removal

Tattooing is an art form. However, like all forms of art, there are both good artists and bad artists. The good artists create tattoos that are the envy of all who seem them while bad artists create "art" that sometimes bares the question, "You didn't pay for that did you?"

Additionally, as humans are a fickle species, consumers will often change their mind about what they want. For example, a tattoo artist can create a spectacular piece of work depicting the devil, but if the person being tattooed changes their lifestyle and finds religion, they will probably not want a giant devil on their body anymore. Below is a list of the top five reasons why consumers choose to remove their tattoos.

Reason #1 - Names

Putting a name on your body is by far and away the biggest reason why consumers seek out tattoo removal. While there are exceptions for close family members (Mom) and children, tattooing a name of a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband is almost like the kiss of death for a relationship. Think twice before you place someone's name on your body, you will more than likely regret it down the road.

Reason #2 - Work Requirement

Tattoos are fine as long as they are not visible, but if you have a tattoo that is visible outside of your clothes, you may find yourself limited as to which companies you can work for as many companies have a strict no visible tattoos policy. This is especially true for those with tattoos above the neck line.

Reason #3 - Following Fads

Unfortunately, there have a number of tattoo trends over the decades. Ying Yang symbols were popular in the 80s, barb wire around the bicep was popular in the 90s and in the 2000s a little butterfly on the small of the back seemed almost like a requirement for girls when they went to college. However, like all things in life, change is inevitable. What may have seemed cool one year, is now considered cliche and unattractive. While tattoo removal is usually the path those with fad tattoos take, you can always wait around another couple decades for the fad to hopefully come back.

Reason #4 - Change of Lifestyle

As previously stated, consumers often change their lifestyle in addition to their "look" from decade to decade. For example, dust off your year book and look at what you used to wear. Would you wear the same thing today? Probably not. In addition to changing the way we look, we often change lifestyles throughout our lives. Careers, children, financial responsibility, death of a loved one, and religion are just a few triggers which can completely alter the way one lives their life.

Reason #5 - Poor Artwork

As mentioned in the opening of this article, there are both good and bad tattoo artists in addition to both good and bad artwork. A bad tattoo is daily reminder of a poor experience. While you may be able to touch-up a borderline bad tattoo, many of those with poorly applied tattoos, seek out tattoo removal either via laser tattoo removal or using a tattoo removal cream.

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