What's Going to Dominate the Fashion World in 2010?

Fashion gurus and ramps show trends that suggest the revival of past popular styles in 2010. Some of the style may not be as attractive at first but after a few months time, it will be a craze. Women's fashion style is dynamic and ever changing. Some style may last for only seconds in fashion whilst other styles create a huge mark in the history. It is left to you to choose what trends will flatter your body and make you look glamorous.

The return of shoulder pads in tee shirts is very remarkable. Remember they were famous in 1970s to 1980s. Shoulder pads create an illusion of length and projects well defined women. This style suits tall and even average women. But it is awkward in shorter women as they appear stout on it, thus it is never recommended. Tee shirts with chain embellishments will also be a hit in the following months. Even formal shirts are starting to appear with the punk chain accent. Some chains are built in to the shirt but others are detachable and can be used to accessorize other outfits. Black chains are amazing on white tees. It displays an air of punk and a touch of femininity altogether.

Mint green and other coral mixtures are expected to rule this spring. This same combination will be present in women's clothing, make up, shoes and other accessories. These specific colors are perfect for women with olive complexions. Peach and pink suits women with lighter skin tones. Nude hues are also going to be a knock out, but the wearer must be careful in choosing which clothes to use so as to avoid looking washed out and plain.

Another great revival is the fringes. They are added to tights, skirts, tops and any other women's garments. It had been popular in 1980s and deemed to be a knock out with particular types of wardrobe. It is actually a very unique style and it offers different look on wearers. It can be ugly on one girl but it can be fabulous on another. A friend's advice is necessary when getting fringes. A friend will be honest enough to tell you if you look beautiful on it or not. And with that, you can decide if you're going to invest in this style of clothing.

Meanwhile in France, double denim is the current trend and it is expected to reach UK before year 2010 ends. To achieve the look, denim should be worn on top and denim at the bottom, thus the term double denim. Shorts, pants, skirts and even overalls are great bottom garments. For tops, a tee shirt covered by a denim jacket will do the trick. If you got many denim items then feel free to experiment with this style. You can mix and match to find out what looks the most stylish on you. And after a sneak preview on women's fashion style in 2010, you can choose which clothing to put on your wardrobe.

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