Everywhere You Look You See Fashion

In 1858 Charles Frederick Worth decided to open the couture house, which is one of the true types of businesses of this kind in Paris. This is where fashion design is normally taken. Many textile industries led the trends as opposed to the tailors and dressmakers who are responsible for many of the innovations. Many designers take their inspiration from other collections that designers have created, by doing this they have established new trends, new styles, new fabrics and this led to the industries success.

Many designers have established a brand reputation that allows them to set the fashion trends. A collection of clothing is where a designer takes similar types of clothing and puts them all together for the season; the clothing is a mix of high end and mass market ready. When preparing for mass market, the designer takes the trendy clothing and makes it suitable for the everyday person.

In general, fashion is the style at any given time, in basic terms it refers to clothing style or costume style. When fashion week comes it's here in a big way, fashion week comes to many cities, designers from all over and exhibit there new line of clothing to audiences.

These collections are from the greatest fashion companies and these clothes influence the fashion industry. In society fashion varies for generations, age and social class and fashion changes overtime. The designs in fashion are influenced by society and cultures and they vary over time. Most of the time fashion designers try to make clothes that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Designers look at the world and study the different trends in fashion, they use a sketch pad to design clothes, they need to select fabrics and color and the designer always oversees the final production of their design. They visit manufactures and different trade shows, they do this to get samples and decide what type of fabrics to use with their designs.

Many designers work in small firms, where they need to do most of the work like the technical patternmaking, do the sewing and design the clothing. Designer will need to travel to meet with suppliers and manufacturers; they do this to review the final product and to make sure all aspects are going smoothly.

These designers have a keen eye for color, detail and they have a sense of proportion and know how to balance all of this. One of the most important functions is the designer needs to give very specific instructions to the manufacturer on how the garment needs to be constructed. If all goes well the production of their garments goes smoothly and is produces and delivered to stores.

Many designers today sell their clothing products as couture and distribute their clothing in the mass market clothing arena. You can see well known designers in department stores. The clothing in the department stores use lower quality materials, but they are still designed by well known designers. Many consumers do not mind it because they feel good about wearing designer labels.

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