Get Signed to a Record Label in 5 Steps

If you've got a band then you know how hard it is to get signed to a minor record label, more less a major recording label. If you want to get signed to a record label, you'll need to know some basics of band promotion. This article will give you 5 steps you can take to get your band signed. Enjoy.

Step One

Make your own CD. This may sound silly, but so many bands just do cover tunes and then expect to get signed with Columbia Records. Not gonna happen. You'll need your own CD with your own music, no covers.

Step Two

Put together a press kit that shows all your past gigs and previous gigs you've done. Make sure to include all the bands you've played with and any recordings you may have done with other labels. You can even include an Indie label here. This is pretty much like a resume. It should include the following: the places you've played at, how long you've been playing, the USP for your band, the kind of music you play and some recent recordings. But remember, the press kit is only to spark interest in you, not get you signed.

Step Three

Once your press kit is put together, send it to all the major agents in the type of music you play. (alternative, R&B, grunge). Again, this sounds simple, but so many bands forget about doing this, yet they expect to somehow get signed. Keep in mind the agent is kind of a go between for record labels. Get to know this person and you'll have your foot in the door. Before you'll ever get signed, you'll need to get to know the agents in your genre of music. Deliver your press kit multiple times in multiple packages, (Fed-Ex, USPS, UPS and so on). Be persistent and consistent and the agent will notice.

Step Four

Keep on recording and putting together your press kits. Major record labels look for experience, a fan base (following) and yes, they look for talent. Remember, the 90's are long gone and major record labels are no longer looking for garage bands. Nirvana did that and it's no longer the in thing. If you want to get signed, you'll have to put in the hard work involved. Getting signed will become your full time job, so put your heart into it. Make sure you have some slick and professional looking marketing materials. Ask the agent(s) you've been talking to for some recommendations of designers for your materials. Trust me, they'll be flattered by this.

Step Five

Be consistent and persistent and continue to check back with the record label you are trying to get signed with. Don't expect them to just call you, they are a lot busier than you are. Check back in with them a couple times a week. You can use direct mail, voice mail, email, fax, facebook, Twitter and all the other ways we stay connected. Let the label know you are still interested and you are ready to get signed. Remember, not every rock star is there because of his talent. A lot of them became rock stars because they worked harder than the other guys.

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