Movie Making Tips From a Film College
Let's face it, when you're first starting out, you don't have the kind of money you need to hire somebody like Johnny Depp. You're going to be dealing with unknowns who may or may not be very good. So what you want to do when hiring an actor is...
By Shane Boyd
Watch Movies For Fun
Life can be so boring when all you do is work and work and work. Try doing that for two consecutive weeks and you will surely feel depression set in and stress starts to get out of control.
By Chris Carter
The Top-quality So Far: Top Vocals and Lyrics of the 21st Century
The music so far this century--or even this decade--is said to be seen with lack of commission. Year 2000 and the next years merely came after the immediate vogues from the latter part of the 90s, although many of these movements conked out out.
By Tony Shapiro
The Basics About Cigars
Smoking of cigar is a complicated art. One is required to have a thorough knowledge of cigars to enjoy it fully. For a beginner, it is very essential that he selects the right kind of cigar and learns about that specific cigar in order to...
By Walter Gibbs
The Best Songs and Words From the 1980s!
Many say that the 1980s is the Strongest decade-- peculiarly when it comes to euphony. This ask, of course, is polemic, but there is no denying that a amount of music that we still know today came from the 80s. The 80s is a period of singable...
By Tony Shapiro
Are You Sure That Your Tattoo Parlor Uses Safe Practices
Getting tattoos has become so commonplace these days that having one no longer raises eyebrows. There are lots of tattoo parlors available and you can easily find one in your locality.
By Felix Lehmann
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