Heart Tattoo Designs - Purpose and Meaning
Humans have been decorating their bodies for thousands of years with everything from jewelry to extravagant clothing, and of course tattoos. Tattoos are a way to turn your body into a work of art.
By Hilario Penga
What Is The Difference Between A Tattoo Removal Cream And TCA Removal?
There are three differences between a tattoo removal cream and TCA Removal: Pain; The risk of side effects and complications; How they work.
By Robert Colter
Tattoo Removal Options - Laser Tat Removal Or A Tattoo Removal Cream
One in five people with a tattoo want it removed, according to a survey. Small wonder laser tattoo removal is thriving. And so is sale of tattoo removal cream.
By Robert Colter
Tattoo Removal - Least Expensive Tattoo Fading Method
When cost is the issue, a tattoo removal cream is the least expensive for erasing unwanted ink. In fact, there is a significant difference in the cost of each of the four common tattoo fading methods.
By Robert Colter
Everywhere You Look You See Fashion
In 1858 Charles Frederick Worth decided to open the couture house, which is one of the true types of businesses of this kind in Paris. This is where fashion design is normally taken.
By Ashley Marx
Get Signed to a Record Label in 5 Steps
If you've got a band then you know how hard it is to get signed to a minor record label, more less a major recording label If you want to get signed to a record label, you'll need to know some basics of band promotion
By Shane Boyd
Filmmaking Tips - How Not To Tell A Story In Filmmaking
One of the most important film making tips that we can be given is how to craft a good story, better yet a great story. I've heard the lamest of story lines turned into absolute awesome productions just by giving life to it.
By Jack Dilange
Film Making Tips You Won't Learn in Film College
One of the few film making tips they'll teach you in film college is the importance of having a good story. I can't stress this enough. You MUST have a story worth telling. A typical film university will just tell you to use your imagination and...
By Shane Boyd
6 Documentary Film Making Tips From a Film University
If you want to do documentaries, David Hoffman is the man you want to learn from. Hoffman has over 40 years experience making documentaries. Here are some of his most helpful tips: Eliminate what doesn't enhance the story and exaggerate what...
By Shane Boyd
Free Film Education Tips You Can Use Today
One of the biggest rookie mistakes that beginning filmmakers make is that they try to stuff everything into their movie and end up with a six hour monster. Problem is, most beginning filmmakers don't have the experience or the skills to pull...
By Shane Boyd
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