For How Long Should You Take Guitar Lessons?
When a guitar student has become proficient in the basics of playing he must ask himself: for how long should I continue? The parents of the student (if they are paying for the lessons) must ask themselves the same thing.
By Adrianna Noton
Your Event Planning Checklist
If you are just starting off as an event planner then it can be understandable that you get a little nervous when you have been entrusted to help organise any sort of event. There is no need to worry as with a good checklist and a lot of forward...
By Dave Matthews
Hello Kitty - Fictional Character Turns Global Phenomenon
When the Japanese company Sanrio first introduced Hello Kitty to the local market in 1974, they had no inkling of just how popular the cute little figure would become worldwide. The little Japanese bobtail cat with a prominent red bow on her head...
By Felix Lehmann
Information About the Evolution of the Halloween Costume
Over the years, Halloween has grown to become the third biggest party night every year behind New Year's and Super Bowl Sunday. The evolution of the Halloween costume has its roots in Druid traditions that saw them dress up in animal hides and...
By Adrianna Noton
Your Guide to Emo Fashion
Emo fashion is inextricably associated with that genre of music and it is unmistakable. The look extends from the clothes worn to the jewelry and the hairstyles used by its followers, most particularly teenagers.
By Felix Lehmann
Experience the History of the Castles of England
Over 30 medieval castles still stand in the southeast region of England as reminders of the days when Britain was a nation divided by ruling families who built strong fortresses to protect their lands from invaders, both foreign and domestic.
By Chris Tomkins
Planning Party Food on a Budget
When it comes to organising a party, you may find that it is fun yet surprisingly expensive. One of the most important things you can do when planning a party is to budget carefully what you intend to spend on food.
By Dave Matthews
Top 5 Reasons For Tattoo Removal
Tattooing is an art form. However, like all forms of art, there are both good artists and bad artists. The good artists create tattoos that are the envy of all who...
By Robert Colter
What's Going to Dominate the Fashion World in 2010?
Fashion gurus and ramps show trends that suggest the revival of past popular styles in 2010. Some of the style may not be as attractive at first but after a few months time, it will be a craze.
By Irsan Kao
Why Different Watches is Necessary For Different Occasions?
Time is gold. For busy people, the watch is very essential, as the need to be on time. Watching though in different forms and styles, has one similar function-telling the time.
By Irsan Kao
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