What is business law and its importance?

Living in a country that has laws keeps the country functioning smoothly. They serve to norm the behavior of all citizens and provide guidelines for everyone living here as to how to act. In short, they keep society functioning. The result of not having laws would be a life of chaos where the fittest would definitely have greater odds of surviving.

Laws give everyone living in that country a guideline as to how to act in a manner that will be acceptable by society as a whole. Otherwise, conflicts between communities and social groups would be a daily occurrence.

Many facets of the law help shape the way society, politics, and the economy work. In the case of businesses, business law is obviously the branch of legal practice that addresses these concerns and helps businesses run smoothly and move forward in an orderly way.

Why is business law important?

The mere idea of doing business in a place without laws is impossible to comprehend. When it comes to managing and running a business, understanding the rule of law will help you make the best decisions. Having a law that everyone is supposed to observe makes the principle of everyone being equal under it and no one being above it a reality. When there are clear, understandable rules that must be followed, you can rest assured that what applies to you will also apply to everyone else.

Without laws, you would never know what the other party is doing or planning to do and doing business would be absolutely unpredictable and chaotic. Others might constantly be thinking about how to take advantage of you and your business, or you yourself might be plotting on how to get rid of your competition, never fearing any consequences. Life, as we know it, would be impossible, and conducting business in that environment, nothing that anyone would aspire to do.

What are the risks of not complying with business laws?

Not following or complying with federal, state or local laws will have serious and immediate consequences for your business. That is why it’s absolutely vital for you to be aware of what laws pertain to your business and how to comply. Because failing to do so will result in fines, audits lawsuits, and other actions that could bring about the dissolution of your business.

What is the purpose of business law?

The objectives of business law are mainly four:

  • To maintain order

  • To protect rights and liberties

  • To establish standards

  • To resolve disputes

How does business law achieve these objectives?

By establishing guidelines that identify the types of behavior that are acceptable, by establishing legal methods that dictate how disputes should be resolved, and by making sure that everyone is protected under all constitutional rights.

This means that all businesses, no matter their size, must comply with the same legal obligations. That is where the expertise of a business lawyer is so advantageous. By having the aid of a legal expert, businesses can be sure to follow all legal basics including contracts, intellectual property law, corporate law, tax law, employment law, antitrust and competition laws, and any other laws that touch the management and running of the business.

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