Reason Why You Might Need a Family Lawyer

Whether it be divorce, child support, child custody, or alimony, facing these cases is an understandably daunting task. The fear and stress that accompanies family law cases may leave a person to feel defeated even before the case has begun. Continue reading below to learn about a few reasons why you might need the help of a Family Law Attorney Louisville KY.

Legal Advocacy and Protection With an Experienced Family Lawyer

A well-versed family lawyer is knowledgeable of pertinent family rules and regulations, familiar with the outcomes of similar previous cases, and researches additional necessary information. With this cocktail of expertise and experience, a family attorney can provide clients with potential options and ascertain the best likely outcome. This advantage is especially pertinent in the event that the opposing party also has legal counsel. A family lawyer guides you through the twists and turns of your case while protecting your rights.

A Kentucky Family Lawyer Can Help You in a Complicated Divorce Case

A divorce would be a quick, straightforward, and amicable in a perfect world. However, this is seldom the case. By its very nature, divorce is complex. It involves the separation of all the accumulated and shared assets in a marriage. There is rarely a clear black and white solution. Even in a best case scenario, where both parties can quickly find a reasonable resolution, there is still the issue of separation of assets, retirement funds, among other complicated tasks. Having a well-versed family attorney assist you through this process will help ensure that you receive your fair share.

Have a Family Lawyer Help You Resolve Child Custody Issues

A common issue in divorce for couples with children is determining how they will interact with each parent after the divorce. Child custody describes which parent will take care of or make decisions regarding the child. In Kentucky, there are two types of child custody:

  • Legal custody. A parent has a legal right to take part in decisions regarding the child's healthcare, education, and any other important decisions.

  • Residential custody. The parent that the child will live with for the majority of the time.

In nearly all cases, the Kentucky family courts will grant legal custody to both parents, also known as joint custody. Although, under extenuating circumstances, the court may choose to grant only one parent with legal custody. Sole custody orders are generally unusual and may be granted in certain situations, such as if a parent has a drug problem or cannot be found.

Aside from the types of custody, there countless other issues that will be decided on during the custody hearing. These hearings are oftentimes confusing and can be challenging to follow along, particularly without legal counsel sitting by your side. With a skilled family law lawyer in tow, you will be able to obtain a custody decision that is fair for the parents involved and ensure the best and safest possible solution for the children involved.

Receive Alimony With the Help of a Family Lawyer

In Kentucky, a judge has the authority to order one divorcing spouse to provide spousal support - alimony - to the other divorcing spouse. While frequently referred to as alimony, Kentucky law refers to these ongoing payments as spousal maintenance. Alimony is typically awarded to provide financial support to the spouse who earns a lower income, or in some scenarios, no income at all. The policy behind alimony is that a divorced spouse “has the right” to maintain the same quality of life he or she had while married.

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