Questions to Ask a Class Action Attorney

Class action lawsuits are unique in a way that the legal proceedings against the defendant have been filed by a couple of plaintiffs representing a bigger group – a class. If the defendant loses the case, the penalty paid is divided across members of the group.

Finding an attorney qualified for a class action lawsuit attorney is quite tricky. By reading through this article, you’ll be taken through some of the questions to ask your prospective class action lawyer. Consequently, you’ll establish whether the defense lawyer is the best one to represent you through the legal proceedings.

Here are questions to ask when hiring a class action attorney:

How Many Cases Are You Handling?

In your search for a class action lawsuit firm, one of the first questions you should ask is the number of cases they’re handling simultaneously.

Ideally, you should hire a lawyer handling fewer cases. This means that they have more time to focus on your case. This is vital because the attorney has enough time to build a powerful defense, increasing your chances of winning the case.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Services?

Hiring a lawyer is expensive. So, to prevent any tension in the future, you should always ask about the legal costs before discussing any other issue.

Another thing you also need to consider is how transparent the lawyer is with the charges for the services rendered. Therefore, before you sign any lawsuit, ensure you have written a binding agreement and avoid getting blindsided by hidden costs you can’t afford.

Fortunately, payment to class action lawyers is made only if the class action lawsuit has been successful. If the case is successful, the attorney gets paid a percentage of the sum awarded.

What Is Your Experience in Class Action Lawsuits?

Class action lawsuits are usually complex as they encompass a broad range of legal issues, procedural complications, and legal problems. They also cost a substantial sum to litigate and can take several years to be settled.

Because of this, you must find a lawyer who not only understands the law and the industry but also how to navigate the legal and factual details presented. Therefore, by knowing the lawyer’s experience in your issue, you’ll be able to assess whether they’re the perfect choice to increase your chances of winning the lawsuit.

What Is Your Background?

As you search for a qualified class action attorney, requesting to know the lawyer to be the lead attorney and their assistant is normal. You should also do a solid background check on the lead class action lawyer and the assistants to better understand the individuals mandated with handling your case.

For the lead attorney, you need to confirm that they’re more experienced as this not only increases the chances of winning the case, but you’ll also feel more confident about the outcome.

What Is Your Track Record?

This is another essential question that you must always ask before hiring a class action lawyer. When doing this, try and figure out whether the attorney’s firm has experience in class action lawsuits, find out the settlement reached, and the percentage of wins that have been achieved.

You should also go a step further and request former clients to provide you with feedback on the professionalism of the class action attorney.

What Resources Do You Have at Your Disposal?

Whereas the experience and competence of a class action lawsuit attorney are essential, you must never overlook the importance of the resources the firm has. The reason the attorney’s law firm should be financially stable is that resources are needed to fund the research of your case. A law firm that lacks adequate resources may not be in a position to handle your case properly.

Consequently, you end up losing money and time after the hectic process of a class-action lawsuit.

How Compatible Is Your Lawyer With the Case?

One crucial aspect you should consider when looking for a class action attorney is their compatibility with your case. Despite being a critical component, this is something that’s often overlooked by many when in the search for a lawyer. Compatibility is essential because you should hire an attorney who not only meets your requirements but that of the entire class.

By assessing several factors, you can measure how compatible a potential class action attorney is:

  • Is the attorney an eloquent speaker?

  • Does the lawyer give answers you can understand?

  • How accessible is the class action lawyer?

Bottom Line

Hiring the right attorney for your class action lawsuit is the first step towards winning your case. Thus, make sure to hire a lawyer that handles your case professionally, increasing the chances of winning. The only way you can do this is by asking these questions mentioned above to assess the qualifications and proficiency of your prospective class-action suit lawyer.

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