What to Do If You Hit a Pedestrian With Your Vehicle

Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be serious and traumatic for both the driver and the victim. While you strive to be a safe driver, anything can happen in the overcrowded bustle of the city streets. The most important thing to do if you hit someone with your vehicle is to stay calm and get the help that you need.

It’s important not to concern yourself with blame or guilt while you’re at the scene of your accident. Keeping a cool head is the best option for everyone involved. With the help of an attorney from the Law Offices of Kamela James, you can work out the details of your situation at a later time.

While driving safely is the best way to avoid being involved in any collision, accidents can indeed happen to anyone at any time. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do if you hit a pedestrian with your vehicle.

Stop Safely

In every state, it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident. If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, it’s crucial to stop your vehicle and attend to the situation. Pull your car over as far off the road as possible and stop the engine. Turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers on the road know that you are stopped and warn them to go around your vehicle. Quickly check yourself for any injuries and take a deep breath to help calm yourself before getting out of your vehicle.

Call 911

As soon as possible, you should call for the help of emergency services. If there are no major injuries, you still need to call the police to report the accident. If the pedestrian is injured, you must call emergency medical services as soon as you can. Make sure that the pedestrian is out of the way of traffic. If it’s not possible to move the pedestrian off of the street due to their injuries, ensure they are safe and your vehicle has its hazards lights flashing.

File a Report

Once the police arrive at the scene of your accident, it’s important to tell them all the details about what happened. Try to remember as much detail as you can. All of this information will go into your accident report. It’s essential to request a copy of this report for your files. Make sure that your statement is correct and address any errors that show up in your report.

Document the Scene

Once you and the pedestrian are safe and have received the medical treatment necessary, you need to record everything you can about the scene. Make sure to get the contact information from the victim and any witnesses who saw what happened. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the pedestrian’s injuries with their permission, and the general scene of the accident. You will need these photos for your files and for the court if there’s a lawsuit filed against you.


Hitting a pedestrian with your vehicle can be traumatic. It’s important to stay calm and focus your attention on getting yourself and the victim the help you need. Follow these tips to protect yourself if you are ever involved in a pedestrian accident.

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