What Compensation Can I Receive after a Car Accident?

A car accident can cause financial ruin, but it doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your bank account.

If another driver was liable for your collision, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses.

You could file a personal injury claim to receive more than money for your damaged vehicle.

The Types of Compensation

After an accident, many victims experience financial trouble.

But compensation could prevent you from struggling. You could receive money for all of the following types of damages:

1. Property Damage

This probably comes as no surprise. Even if you go through your own insurance, you could receive money for your vehicle damages. But you may have to pay a high deductible.

If you go through the other party’s insurance or file a personal injury claim, you don’t have to deal with a deductible. Instead, you get the repairs you need for no cost.

2. Missed Wages

Another form of compensation is missed wages. If you had a serious injury, you may have been unable to work for weeks or months at a time. In certain cases, the victim is unable to work for the duration of their life.

You deserve compensation for your missed wages. By working with an attorney, you can seek compensation for your past and future missed wages. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, you don’t need to worry about missing days of work for your doctor appointments.

3. Medical Expenses

One of your biggest expenses could be medical bills. Even a few hours in the emergency room can cost you thousands of dollars. If you have serious injuries, your medical bills could be astronomical.

It’s not just about your hospital visit. After your initial visit, you have other expenses. Medical procedures, medications, and therapies can cost you money. The best health insurance policies still come with caps and deductibles. Your insurance may not be enough to cover your bills.

You may also need on-going care, like a live-in aide. This can be extremely expensive and take a toll on your family’s finances. But this is another expense that could be reimbursed with a personal injury claim.

4. Pain and Suffering

Finally, there’s the issue of pain and suffering. Your accident could affect your life. It could cause physical or mental distress. Depending on the degree of your distress, you could receive compensation.

Often, this includes anxiety, loss of enjoyment, and other emotional damages. This can be difficult to calculate, but your attorney can help you come up with an estimate.

If your case goes to court, a jury or judge will determine the amount you receive.

Resolving Your Case

Successfully receiving compensation for your car accident is no easy task. It all starts with contacting an attorney. There is a statute of limitation, so you should file as soon as possible. Your lawyer can file a personal injury claim and tell you more about the process. They can collect the evidence needed to support your claim and build a strong case.

In some cases, your lawyer can get you a settlement. This is the most common scenario. But another possibility is that your case goes to court. The matter will then be resolved with a trial.

Either way, your case depends on your legal representation. To improve your chances at a successful outcome, you should find an attorney who has experience with personal injury claims. If you want to learn more, contact 1-800-Injured.

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