How Exactly Can a DWI Lawyer Help You in Times of Crisis

Driving while intoxicated or DWI is a serious offense that will put you in jail without the help of a competent DWI lawyer. When you are charged with DWI, it means you are driving while impaired or intoxicated, which makes you a considerable risk to the community.

Different states have different laws to handle drivers charged with DWI. One thing is for sure, though—DWI laws are stringent, and anyone can go to jail if proven driving while impaired.

What are the Factors that Confirm DWI?

Impaired driving can cause severe damage to property and even loss of life. Before you get a DWI, law enforcers will consider the following factors:

  • The results of a sobriety test during the arrest

  • Your BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) is 0.08 or higher

  • Your behavior on the road regardless of your BAC score

Is DWI Worse than DUI?

DWI and DUI are both crimes that endanger the lives of people and possibly cause damage to property. Drinking under the influence (DUI), however, is considered a less severe offense. DUI indicates that you pass the BAC test, but you fail the police officer's sobriety test. A person with a high alcohol tolerance may get pulled over and pass the sobriety test given by the police. However, if the BAC test comes out higher than 0.08, he or she will be charged with DWI.

In some states, you can get charged with DUI and DWI at the same time. Visit this site if you need help understanding your DWI charge.

What Happens When You Have a DWI Charge?

If you have a DWI charge, you will face the consequences based on the state where you committed the violation. These consequences include:

  • Penalties and fees

  • Community service

  • Suspension of driver's license

  • Driver's license revoked

  • Short or long jail time

  • Installation of an IID (ignition interlock device) on your car

How Can a DWI Lawyer Help You?

You might be wondering if you must have a lawyer to help you with a DWI charge. You may not need the services of a DWI lawyer if you have no previous DWI charges. There should be no injuries inflicted on anyone or damage to any property.

However, even if it’s only the first time you were charged with DWI, you still need proper legal assistance. Here are the benefits of having a DWI lawyer to protect your interests.

1. A DWI Lawyer Provides Expert Legal Advice

You can seek the assistance of any attorney in times of legal crisis. A DWI lawyer, however, knows the DWI/DUI laws of the state. When you are charged with DWI, a lawyer who is an expert in this field can provide you the best legal advice. You can protect yourself from being prosecuted wrongly when you hire a lawyer specializing in DWI/DUI.

A DWI legal counsel gives you sound advice and insight on how to enter a plea bargain or agreement. You will understand whether you were subjected to illegal interrogation practices and searches with the help of a reputable DWI lawyer.

Most people are not aware of laws that protect them even if they have a violation.

2. A DWI Lawyer Examines the Charges Against You

You most likely will not know the various laws and regulations surrounding DWI, even if you earned a higher education.

A DWI lawyer, on the other hand, is the perfect person to examine whether the case against you has bearing or not. If your lawyer finds out that unlawful practices happened during the arrest, he can get the case dismissed immediately.

3. A DWI Lawyer Helps Reduce Your Charges

Hiring a reputable lawyer will help reduce your DWI charges through negotiations. It is difficult to negotiate a DWI charge even if it's your first offense. If it's a subsequent DWI charge, you can go to jail if you do not have expert legal representation.

Negotiations have better results when a competent DWI lawyer represents you.

4. A DWI Lawyer Will Represent You in Court

It is best to have an experienced DWI lawyer to represent or defend you in court in case you get a summon. Without a capable lawyer by your side, you can be convicted without a fighting chance.

If the DWI charges against you do not involve injury or death, your lawyer may be able to negotiate to reduce your sentence.

The chances of resolving a DWI case is next to none without the assistance of a capable DWI lawyer.


Driving while intoxicated can result in property damage, injury, and even death. You can be asked to pay fines, get your license revoked, or, worse, go to jail for such an offense. You should, therefore, avoid drinking alcohol or using any illegal substances before driving. A DWI lawyer can help you in times of crisis by providing you with expert legal advice when you experience illegal investigation and arrest procedures.

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