Don't Eat and Drive!

Don't drink and drive makes a lot of sense especially considering the consequences of a DUI charge on your auto insurance policy as well as other aspects of your life. But what about eating and driving? No, sugar high probably won't make you the menace on the road that alcohol will, but it is still potentially dangerous.

In England a woman was fined because she was caught on camera eating an apple while driving. It was considered a distraction as she was clearly driving one handed. I have a friend who drives with one eye, the other one having been removed as a result of a health issue. I would have thought that posed a greater problem than driving with one hand. Also, I am sure there are disabled people who drive with one hand, so what was the issue? For the apple eater, I must confess, I have no idea.

But there are some foods and beverages other than alcohol that should never be consumed while driving. That hot cup of coffee that is so necessary to ensure you wake up and function fully in the morning, that could be a major distraction on the road. All it takes is something to cause you to slosh some of the hot liquid out of the cup and into your lap. Yikes! Your attention is no longer on the traffic around you. It is not just the heat of the liquid that distracts. The idea that the pristine suit or dress you started the day wearing is now soiled, is almost as big a distraction as scalding yourself.

Donuts, cream buns, ice creams, basically any consumable with a gooey filling or consistency can become a distraction if that gooey substance breaks free and spreads itself around in unexpected and unwanted places.

Chocolate is one of the worst things you could eat while driving especially if you are a flashy dresser. I have evidence of this from personal experience. My husband is fond of both clothes and chocolate. Early on in our relationship, he nearly killed us both when tiny flakes of chocolate made a break for it and were clearly melting between the car seat and his trousers. The more he tried to flick them off the more the melting mess spread around and the less control he maintained over the car.

It was a near miss and not harm was done, except to the car seats and the clothes. Now the poor man is scared to eat a chocolate ice cream at the movies. He is scarred for life but only in the psychic sense, luckily.

Have you ever seen the way suede soaks up chocolate or coffee or oil? I am sure it is not cost effective or it would be used to mop up the latest oil spills in the oceans. Suede just loves that stuff, and as a driver, it is a major distraction to see it in action on your new or much loved suede jacket. Clearly, consumables are disasters waiting to happen when mixed with driving.

Distractions lead to crashes both small and large. Stay safe, be smart, don't eat and drive. And your auto insurance premium will stay in the affordable range that way.

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