5 Steps to Take After a DUI Car Crash

Car accidents are an unfortunate yet somewhat common occurrence nowadays. If driving under the influence (DUI) plays a part in one, the severity of the matter escalates further. The repercussions a DUI car crash causes can be grave and possibly even fatal. As such, approach them with caution. If you find yourself involved in one, the following are steps you can take to enable you to minimize the damages:

1. Ascertain Safety First

Preservation of life should be your priority after a crash. All parties should be checked for any signs of bodily harm immediately before anything else. Authorities can't always get in the scene as fast as you need them, so one must always be prepared to administer first-aid should the need arise. As a rule of thumb, a trauma victim’s chance for survival increases when he is given medical assistance within the first hour of the collision. Adhering to the ‘golden hour’ is thus of the utmost importance.

2. Call for Help

Call the police as soon as you can. They're trained to handle road and traffic accidents efficiently. They'd be the ones to call the necessary personnel, like paramedics, traffic officers, or even towing services, depending on the situation. To have a neutral party present to evaluate the circumstances without any bias would also be of great help. Gathering evidence and finding the root cause of the accident is also part of their job. If one of the drivers turns out to be intoxicated, this may pose danger to everyone on the scene, so having police officers around for protection is also a good safety measure.

Call the police as soon as you can.

It is equally important to also get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Having a lawyer from the very start allows you to be better equipped for the situation you face at hand. Should you need such services, you may visit hawklawfirm.com or other sites that specialize in linking you with the right lawyers for more information.

3. Stay Calm and Vigilant

Assess your surroundings. Keep an eye out once the authorities have arrived at the scene. You should remain collected and ensure that each bit of information on what happened is fresh in your memory. Manage your emotions and try to keep your head cool for the time being. Remain objective to allow the incident to unfold more smoothly. As no one likes to be implicated explicitly, chances are other parties could try to absolve themselves from any responsibility. Presence of mind is therefore vital to avoid being taken advantage of.

4. Document Every Detail

You must remain at the scene if you are physically capable to do so. If no major harm was inflicted on any persons and you can stay behind, ensuring that the scene is preserved before the officials arrive is imperative. Be sure to collect as much information as you possibly can. Procuring witnesses and taking photos of everything may aid you immensely in garnering strong evidence to construct your case with. These may also be of great help to the police when they start their investigation. Essentially, videos and photographic evidence also help build your case up in court should the incident resort to a hearing.

5. Consider the Aftermath

Now that the crash has happened, you should contemplate what measures you need to take next.

Now that the crash has happened, you should contemplate what measures you need to take next. Determine what role you played in the wreckage. Start asking all the critical questions. These may include the following:

How much can the insurance provider cover in all this?

What legalities are in consideration?

What will happen to your driver's license?

What will the police write in their incident report?

All the mental and psychological tolls this might take on you should also be considered. It is best to consult a professional as soon as you are ready to talk to someone about what happened so you can get professional counseling. A crash accident may completely derail your life. Time is of the essence in situations like this, so planning your next move carefully can significantly help your cause.

In a Nutshell

A DUI car crash could be a dangerous situation to find yourself in. Preventive measures are always welcome, but even if you drive as carefully as you usually do, it is still possible to be involved in one. Knowing what to do and following the mentioned steps here could increase your chances of survival. By keeping an alert mind, you'll end up saving not only yourself and your future but also those you are with during the crash.

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