Here Are 6 Reasons That Fighting That Traffic Ticket May Be Best

A Single traffic ticket can be very costly to you as an individual. Most people never realize that defending themselves is oftentimes a much cheaper route to take than simply paying the ticket and moving on. Here are several reasons for you to fight that ticket.

1. You may get points added to your license. Florida's point system measures your ability as a driver. The less points the better! They created a point limit and will suspend or revoke your driver license if you reach it. 12 points in 12 months and your license will be suspended.

2. Rising Insurance costs. You pay your fair share of insurance now, right? Well, your insurance company wants to know how great a risk you are as a driver. One of the ways they can determine this is if you have any traffic violations. A traffic violation can raise your insurance rates.

3. Your license may be revoked or suspended. Imagine life without being able to drive! Certain violations or simply an accumulation of license points can cause suspension or revocation. A failure to address a ticket within 30 days may lead to suspension as well. A revocation can mean that you may be without a license for 2 to 5 years and have to reapply all over again.

4. You could have a serious issue with your employer. For commercial drivers their license is their source of income. For some commercial drivers insured is handled by the employer and a ticket can cause a rise in the employer's insurance rates. Some employer's may chose to terminate an employee rather that having higher insurance costs for the company.

5. You may be subject to an arrest warrant. If for any reason you do not respond to a traffic criminal ticket in a timely manner then some courts will issue a warrant to force your appearance. You don't want a warrant out for you.

6. More serious violators can face imprisonment and a permanent criminal record. Most violations are minor, however, some serious traffic violations can be misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense and can mean time in jail and even impact immigration status and employment.

Here are just 6 potentially serious issues that can impact your life due to a traffic violation. Whatever you do make sure that you do not ignore the situation in hopes that it will just go away. Learn all your options and take action.

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