Operating Under The Influence Is Reckless

To endanger your life and others for a night out is totally stupid and reckless aside from the fact that it is illegal and if caught by law enforcement tests will be given to test your blood alcohol level.

So many researches have been done that dealt with operating under the influence. All of them had the same basic result, they were all bad ones. It has been proven that as the level of blood alcohol content rises, so does the chances of a person getting into an accident. There have been comparisons between drivers who did not consume any alcohol with those who have. The level of BAC can go up to as little of a percentage amount of 0.02 percent and still have a 1.4 percent chance of getting in an accident. Now that is alarming.

It is quite alarming to know with a reading of .02%, which is still legal, you already have diminished reflexes, visual perception is impaired and in general the way you drive the car. These were findings on those tested with .02% so imagine as it increases how much more your abilities are affected.

It is worth thinking about the seriousness of your actions before you get behind the wheel. As the tests showed, with .02% you are losing ability to drive so can you imagine that it is feasible for the risk of an accident to jump to 11.1%.

Don't waste your life by operating under the influence. Even if you think you have things under control as you are driving; accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. You wouldn't want to end up regretting your actions and choices. It's okay to have fun, but make sure you are responsible enough to either have a designated driver or to not drink at all.

In many states if you have been convicted once of operating under the influence, then your vehicle will have to have a so-called interlock device installed in the ignition. This means that you will have to breathe into the device and pass the alcohol test before being allowed to drive off.

You can't fool your car because authorities have taken all measures to ensure that it will only run if you have a BAC level within the limit. Once the ignition interlock device notices that you have alcohol in your breath, then the ignition will automatically be disabled. There's no point in trying to find other means of going someplace since it will only cause more trouble on your part.

Each state can determine the regulations in regards to the interlock device. There are 30 states that will have your car confiscated if you are a multiple offender. In 20 states and Washington D.C. your driver's license will be suspended, even for your first driving under the influence offense. The license suspension can be anywhere from 60 days up to 60 months.

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