Five Irresponsible Habits While Driving

A company sales convention was being planned to be held in the western city of Reno and 35 year old Brian Smith was really looking forward to it. He had been anticipating this trip for weeks as he worked hard to meet his productivity goal for the current quarter and just barely met it. He knew that there would be elaborate meals, lots of free drinks and even a chance to do a little gambling although that really was not a huge temptation for him. Finally, he could go have some fun at his company's expense and get away from the cold, bitter weather of Chicago in January. Unfortunately, Brian found himself in the uninviting situation of requiring a Nevada DUI attorney after he was arrested for operating his car in an impaired condition. He had imbibed more alcoholic beverages than necessary and then decided he was still able to make the short drive from the restaurant to his hotel room safely. After spending the night in a jail cell, he met with the Nevada DUI lawyer he had contacted and together they planned the best way to present his case although actually Brian knew he was guilty as charged and would be submitting a plea of "no contest". His legal representative pointed out that the judge might fittingly come to a decision to go lightly with his sentence since he had no previous arrests or traffic violations on his record.

While operating a car although in an intoxicated state is possibly the most dangerous thing a driver can do, there are many ways that a person put their own safety and that of other drivers in jeopardy. Just a sampling of those ways are:

Talking on a cell phone while at the controls of your vehicle is extremely risky. It has been said that this truly takes a person's concentration away from the act of driving and can be compared to being slightly drunk. It is difficult to carry on a conversation and still have the alertness and reflexes needed to avoid an accident.

Texting is one of the worst things a driver can do while at the wheel. This not only takes your attention but it also takes your eyes off of the road and renders a person truly at risk to a mishap. merely a moment of not concentrating is enough time for the person in front of you to brake suddenly or even for a deer to cross your path rendering you helpless to come to a safe stop.

Not wearing a seat belt is a dangerous move to make. This is such a simple habit to adopt and it has been proven time and again to save lives in the event of an accident.

Not securing babies and young children in the proper car seats is not only the sign of an irresponsible parent but is furthermore outside of the legal requirement. Current car seats have to meet rigid safety standards and are guaranteed to make a child safer in the event of an accident.

Not getting enough sleep has been found to be a factor in traffic accidents. Not a soul can be at their best when they are not rested and the genuine prospect that someone could fall asleep at the wheel or just "zone out" because of sleep deprivation is a serious matter endangering many people on the road.

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