It Only Takes a Second - the Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable vehicle users on the road today, which is in part due to the lack of protection a motorcycle offers its driver compared to a car. It is 25 times more likely that a motorcyclist will be killed in a road accident compared to the risk factor to a car driver. An increase in motorcycle sales in recent years has caused a corresponding increase in serious road traffic injuries caused to riders.

A high proportion of motorcycle accidents will result in a serious injury. Depending on the extent of the damage, sufferers may require a lifetime of support from both a physical and financial perspective.

A motorbike accident can be a very traumatic experience often resulting in serious injuries. A common injury to occur from road traffic accidents that involve motorcycles is a spinal injury. Spinal injuries tend to be sustained by the rider and depending on the level of injury, this can result in paralysis.

Head and brain damage are also likely injuries to occur from motorcycle accidents. Depending on the force of the collision, the impact can dictate the level of severity of the injury and the affect on the sufferer's physical function, which can vary greatly. Wearing a good quality safety helmet (which is a legal requirement to drive on UK roads) can help to protect drivers from the worst extremes of injury, but do not offer guaranteed protection against damage to the neck.

As well as spinal and head injuries, road accidents involving motorcyclists can also result in amputation depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. Amputation can occur at the time of the accident or at a later date once hospitalised.

Less serious injuries include multiple broken bones and lacerations. Although these may not be life threatening in the same way as spinal and head injuries, they will still require prolonged medical treatment and recovery time. Protective clothing and footwear can help reduce the risks of minor accidents and should be worn at all times whether a driver or passenger on a motorcycle.

The types of crash involving motorcycles are often different to those involving cars and other road users. Contributing factors to motorcycle crashes are most likely to involve collisions with other road users at a road junction. This situation is so common that it has been given its own anachronism - 'SMIDSY' or 'Sorry mate, I didn't see you'. Although the visual profile of a motorcyclist is one third that of another car, this is still not a valid defence and it is this that is often used to ensure that motorcycle victims get the compensation they deserve. Although motorcyclists are not always angels on the road and are sometimes contributors to an accident, the majority of cases involve driver error on the part of other road users who are simply unaware of the motorcyclist's presence.

Motorcycle accidents, no matter how serious, require advice from specialist legal teams with a professional level of understanding and support. Motorcycle accident compensation teams are dedicated entirely to understanding the needs of those who have sustained an injury as a result of a motorcycle accident from both a legal and physical perspective. This unique approach ensures that clients receive the maximum level of motorcycle accident compensation along with a real understanding of the long-term care that may be needed as a result.

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