When Does a Head Injury Require a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

Whatever state you're in, it's best to hire a traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawyer that is registered in your state after suffering a head injury. That way, your lawyer knows your local laws related to your head injury or brain injury case. Generally, you'll get compensation for it.

However, the amount you'll get varies per state laws, pain, suffering, nature, and the extent of your injury.

If you want to have the right compensation for your brain injury, you should hire a personal injury lawyer experienced in TBI cases. Whether your brain injury causes severe damage or not, you should still hire a TBI lawyer when you experience the following:

1. Experiencing Serious Vision Problems After a Head Injury

After a head injury, some symptoms may take place after some days. One of which is eye and vision problems that may be an effect for even a mild head injury like whiplash from a motor vehicle accident.

You can experience having difficulty in focusing your eyes, or feel nauseous when shifting your gaze. Other serious vision problems include the following:

  • Optic Nerve Damage - When this happens, you might lose your vision. So if this shows during your medical check-up, you should call a TBI lawyer right away. An optic nerve becomes damaged because of too much pressure within your skull. This pressure will then cut off the blood circulation of your optic nerves. That's why hiring an experienced TBI lawyer will give you a chance to get the right compensation so that you can finance your medical expenses. Let John Fitch and his firm represent you as they know the effect of head injuries and the importance of winning your cases.

  • Vitreous Hemorrhage - Aside from damaging your optic nerves, head injuries can also cause bleeding of your eye's blood vessels to the vitreous. The vitreous is vital as it's where the light passes through before it strikes your retina. To avoid more severe vision problems, you may need to speed up clearing the vitreous hemorrhages. This means needing more money, which you can get from your claims. Thus, the more urgent it is to hire a TBI lawyer.

  • Retinal Detachment - Some head injuries can cause blindness, which came from your retina becoming loose or retinal detachment. This type of injury requires surgical intervention. Eye surgeries are one of the expensive ones, so that you may need the right compensation. Let your TBI help you with such.

2. Leaking of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

During a head injury, the skull's temporal bones become fractured, especially for blunt force head injuries. These head injuries can tear up the dura mater that covers the brain. When that happens, the CSF leaks into your body parts like nose or ears. Accordingly, head injuries cause 90% of CSF leaks in adults.

That's why doctors recommend seeking medical check-up after a head injury to prevent or treat a CSF leak. If it's not treated immediately, you can experience seizures, meningitis, headaches, and other health complications.

If you experience symptoms like worsening of headaches when it's upright, drainage from the ears, or persistent runny nose after a head injury, then it's likely that there's a CSF leak. These calls for a visit to your physician. Not only should you seek a doctor, but you should also hire a TBI lawyer if you're diagnosed with this condition.

Whether the CSF leak is severe or not, you'll need days of treatment. This means you'll have to stop working for a while. Thus, the more that you'll need compensation for it. That means that you'll be needing the help of a TBI lawyer in this matter.

3. Resulting to Speech Problems

Most importantly, hire a TBI lawyer when you're experiencing speech problems after a head injury. Especially if the injured part is the one controlling your speech mechanism.

As a result, you may have slurred and slow speech, which is medically called dysarthria. Another probable outcome of a head injury is dyspraxia. If you're experiencing this, you may find it challenging to say the word you mean.

The extent of these disorders varies from the severity of your head injury. You wouldn't want this to happen as it'll significantly affect your employment. Especially if speech is vital in your line of work, treatment should come early.

The therapy or treatment you'll need will either be long-term or short-term. Either way, you'll need stable finance so that your speech will become routine. Claiming your compensation in this area is then critical.

With a TBI lawyer, he can do the talking or negotiation that you can't verbally do. Moreover, they know how vital it is to heal from your speech problems, so they won't settle on a compensation that you don't deserve.


So when you're involved in any head injury incidents, hiring a TBI lawyer is vital to help you get the claims you deserve and need. With the lawyer's help, you can pay for the medication that you'll need to treat or prevent the hidden consequences of a head injury.

From preventing vision problems to CSF leaks, you'll need a large amount of money for your medical needs. More importantly, you'll even become financially drained if you're having speech problems. Because you can't work when you're having speech issues, you won't get your salary. That's why getting the right compensation is your remedy in this situation.

The one who can help you with this is a TBI lawyer, as they're skilled in negotiating your case.

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