Personal Injury Claim Criteria

Since the introduction of Conditional Fee Agreements in 1995, UK residents have been able to make claims for personal injury under a No Win No Fee contact, making claiming compensation they rightfully deserve more accessible for those who have suffered. But who can claim and how does No Win No Fee work?

Many people incorrectly view personal injury claims as a sweepstake, but you should not undertake making a claim without some careful consideration. Claims should only be made in cases where the accident has caused substantial suffering and/or financial loss, meaning cases of near misses or injuries that are almost inconsequential and heal quickly are very unlikely to lead to a successful claim, even if you can get a solicitor to take them on.

Similarly no matter how highly recommend or well paid your solicitor is, you are not automatically win, as there must be medical evidence to prove the extent and affect of the injuries and of course the question of blame must also be answered- often before the case is even taken to court.

Similarly the actual monetary amount you receive is not based upon how much the opposition can afford or what the court deems fair, but it based on your suffering and loss of earnings, so taking a big company to court does not automatically equal a huge payout.

Having said all this though, if you do have grounds for a valid claim then it is your right to use a No Win No Fee agreement to help you claim back what you are entitled to, with no cost to yourself should you lose- thus eliminating the risk.

No Win No Fee works on the basis that if you have a successful claim the party who is to blame cover the costs and if the claim is unsuccessful any fees are covered under the legal insurance policy that was taken by the firm at the beginning of the claims process. This means that if you win you keep all your compensation and the fees are paid on top and f you lose you walk away no worse of.

So if your claim fits the criteria above, then the best advice would be to get in touch with a reputable specialist legal firm and see if you have a strong case for a No Win No Fee claim.

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