Personal Injury Attorney Lead Generation Tips For Boosting Your Practice
Starting and managing your own personal injury law practice can be very challenging. You're not just competing with other individual lawyers but also with big law firms. Aiming for prestige can wait as you still have to focus on building a strong...
By LYMT Content Author
Signs of Workplace Bullying - Be Aware
According to a survey by the workforce bullying institute in 2014, 27% of all who were interviewed admitted to being victims of some form of abusive conduct at work. Do you know the common signs of workplace bullying?
By Nick Bell, Foyle Legal
Accident Claim Advice: Top 5 Tips For Holiday Accident Claims
Being involved in an accident abroad can be very traumatic. Not only is there the usual potential for injury and stress connected with accidents, there is also the added disorientation of being in a foreign country, where there may be...
By Jessica A Parker
Sports Accident Claims - Know Your Rights
As the sun comes out and more and more people head to their local parks and pitches, it's inevitable that sports injuries will happen, and most are completely unavoidable. A certain degree of risk is accepted when playing any sport and in most...
By Jessica A Parker
Injury Advice: Head Injury Claims
The brain is very fragile, so any injury to the head has the potential to be a serious one if the brain is affected by it. When the brain is damaged the victim can suffer long-term complications and any number of mental and physical disorders...
By Jessica A Parker
How to Boost Your Chances of Winning a Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation Case
Since a serious injury can have a drastic effect on your life physically, emotionally and financially, you should never hesitate to file a claim anytime you've been wrongly injured. But, keep in mind, your claim becomes insignificant the instant...
By Ricky Bagolie
What Everyone Should Know About Dog Bites and Dog Attacks
I have been working in Sacramento as an injury attorney for many years. During those years our lawyers have handled many dog bite and dog attack cases...
By John
No Win No Fee Claims: Dos and Don'ts
A no win no fee personal injury claim is a claim for compensation where, if you lose your case, you do not have to pay any of your solicitor's normal fees or costs. If you are considering making a no win no fee claim then read this list of dos and...
By Jessica A Parker
Personal Injury Claims: Three Ways Personal Injury Compensation Can Help You
Personal injury is a term describing an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as a result of the negligence, or fault, of another party. There are many different types of personal injury, some of the most common being injuries from road accidents...
By Jessica A Parker
No Insurance? No Claim, Warn Industry Chiefs
The UK has recently endured the coldest winter in 20 years, according to the national press. During the unusually cold spell that rendered much of the country snow-bound in January, newspapers - national, regional and local - were awash with...
By Nick Jervis
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