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Litigation Support is about helping lawyers and their legal staff adapt to the modern computer age. If you remember the days of spending hours in the law library researching your case then you need this program to bring you into the twenty first century of legal practice.

The law library is now on you computer screen; you can do all of your legal research on the internet using paid services that have in essence changed how all lawyers practice law.

But today you need more than an online legal research service to help you compete in the technological world we live in because it does not matter how good your case is or how good your staff is, the winning side is the side who knows how to use technology to its advantage.

Automated litigation support is an umbrella term used to describe the simplest of word processing programs to the most complex trial presentation software used in highly complex jury trials.

The automated system can be used to match your deposition testimony with on screen presentations to make a cohesive verbal and visual presentation to grab and keep the attention of any jury.

Part of the challenge in complex jury trials is explaining complicated facts and concepts so that the jury will be able to understand the facts and issues of the case. When you can do this, you have a better chance of winning. The automated system is a must for the career litigation team that wants a winning edge.

But this program does more than put together presentations for jury trials. It helps keep your cases organized. If you have ever lost hours looking for files, telephone numbers, client notes or records, you know how frustrating it is and how each time you pledge to create a better system of organization.

With this program you will have all files within your grasp right on your computer screen. You will be able to pull up phone conversation records, client documents, court filing dates, and any and all information pertaining to your cases.

The program was made for the lawyer and legal staff without a degree in computer science. It is easy to use; information is easy to input and easy to pull up which makes it different from other software that makes finding information difficult.

Many software programs promoted to lawyers were made by computer minded individuals who, through no fault of their own, created a system that lawyers had to adapt their thinking to in order to use effectively.

This program was created with the legal field in mind in that it works the same way a lawyer would organize his or her case.

If you have been in litigation for years or if you are just starting out your legal career, this program will work for you and if you are a paralegal or legal assistant you will increase your value to your employer once you master this support system.

Litigation Support is a product that is adapted to the lawyer and legal staff who need all the support they can get.

Finding the best court reporting services is crucial to succeeding in the legal community. From real-time reporting to streaming live videos, our superior litigation support services team provides stellar documentation, information, and consultation to all clients.

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