Useful Tips For Finding Newly Qualified Solicitor Jobs

Working as a newly qualified solicitor is what the majority of qualified second year trainee solicitors will want to be doing by the end of the summer. But the result for many will not be so good.

Law firms have been tightening their belts due to the economic crisis and therefore retention rates have been dropping. This means that as much as firms might like to keep certain individuals in a job after their training contracts that they will not be able to.

This will cause a flood of newly qualified and jobless people into the job market. Many law firms will also be less likely to take newly qualified solicitors from other firms if they are unable to keep their own trainee solicitors.

The situation for some will therefore be bleak. Because there will be unsuccessful at securing a job at the firms that trained them and they may not be able to beat the competition for newly qualified solicitor jobs that are in the market.

You have a few options if this happens to you. Firstly, you should try to build relationships with the key recruitment agencies in your area so that they think of you when the next newly qualified solicitors jobs come up.

Always stay up to date with the new vacancies that come up in the legal press and on legal jobs websites is what you are advised to do. Spending time working on getting your applications looking as best they can is worthwhile. Have a search on the internet for tips on CV's and covering letters and make sure you do not just recycle the applications you used for your training contract.

You could consider getting a job as a paralegal if it happens that you do not succeed in getting a newly qualified position as this will give you some valuable legal work experience. This can show something positive in you that prospective employers will want.

You can take a break if you do not feel you want to work as a paralegal, or you can take a gap year and comeback in the market after a few months or a year when it may have picked up a bit.

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