Navigating the Trademark Application Process: The Role of an Orange County Trademark Attorney
Applying for a trademark is like exploring uncharted waters. Imagine working all night building a brand identity that resonates with your audience. Now, it's time to secure that hard-earned recognition in the marketplace. However, there's a catch...
By LYMT Content Author
5 Ways to Protect Your Ideas
When you create an idea, business, product, or design, you don't want to go through that hard work to have someone infringe upon it. Your livelihood can be destroyed by intellectual property theft or infringement.
By LYMT Content Author
Reasons Patent Laws are Relevant for Your Business
Whether it is a traditional or modern industry and business, it is likely to use patenting of Intellectual Property to prevent others from intruding due to its reward. It is also to avoid taking advantage of its stand in the marketplace...
By William Ross
Do You Need a Lawyer to File a Patent Application?
The short answer is no. You can easily file online with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. But the simplest answer isn't always the best. There is a lot one needs to know before attempting to file a patent to prevent rejection or losing your...
By LYMT Content Author
Copyright Application Filing Process
Copyright is one of the forms of Intellectual Property. Under copyright, the creative works of literacy, artistic, musical and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings can be registered. All these intellectual works can be...
By Ramaswami Natarajan
The New Economy Patents In United States - Are They Really Beneficial?
Universally patents are only granted for inventions. But in the U.S. we are currently witnessing a big rush of patent applications in a rather new field, i.e. Internet business methods. Does this mean that U.S. is granting patents to business models?
By V.K. Unni