What Are The Types Of Work Permits Granted To Foreigners?

Singapore offers appealing incentives and tax exemptions to foreign investors. Moreover, the Singapore government has clear-cut rules and policies regarding immigration. For these reasons, Singapore is selected by foreign investors and professionals as the country where they can establish their businesses and/or find employment opportunities.

For you to be able to work legally in this city-state, you musty apply for a work permit from the Singapore government. There are various types of work permit granted to foreign working professionals and entrepreneurs in Singapore, and this article provides an overview of each of them.

Employment Pass (EP): This work permit is issued to entrepreneurs or employees who work in Singapore. For an immigrant to be granted an EP, he or she must have obtained at least a college degree from a recognized university and his or her salary must be more than SG$2500.00 each month. The Employment Pass is valid for 1 to two years and can be renewed.

Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass): Some entrepreneurs may not have attained an academic degree but still wish to establish businesses in Singapore; in this case, they are issued the EntrePass. The EntrePass is valid for one to 2 years and is renewable as long as the business enterprise is still viable.

S Pass: As long as a mid-level immigrant employee's employer fulfills the eligibility quota required by the Singapore government, the worker can be issued an S Pass. The immigrant professional must have at least a technical diploma and must have a fixed monthly salary of SGD1800.00. For as long as the employee is working for his or her employer, the S Pass is renewable; its validity period is from one to two years.

Miscellaneous Work Pass: This work permit is issued to foreign nationals who are in Singapore for short-term work assignments, a foreign religious worker or a representative of the clergy who is a speaker in a seminar, or a member of the media whose presence in the country is not officially sanctioned by the Singaporean government.

Are you preparing to work or put up a business in Singapore? Drop by now to learn more information about employment pass/S pass and other company formation requisites of the Singapore government.

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