Understanding Express Entry: Your Gateway to Canadian Immigration
There are many reasons people choose to leave their countries, mainly to have a better life. When it comes to picking the best countries to migrate to, Canada has consistently placed on top. And for good reason. This expansive nation in North...
By LYMT Content Author
Green Card Eligibility: What Immigrants Need to Know
Becoming a permanent U.S. resident requires a thorough understanding of green card eligibility. Irrespective of an individual's origin or the compelling reasons to make the U.S. their new home, getting a firm grip on the diverse immigration routes...
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What Services Does an Immigration Lawyer Provide?
Dealing with U.S. immigration law can be challenging due to its complexity and rigidity. Even minor mistakes can result in harsh consequences while getting everything right can feel thankless. Hiring a qualified immigration lawyer is an essential...
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What to Consider Before Moving to Canada
Immigrating to a new country is a daunting task for, well, anybody. Immigrating to a new country as a member of the LGBTQ community brings with it a whole range of additional considerations though. If your chosen destination is Canada, then...
By Richard Smith
What do I do if my visa expired?
Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating, and if you're here on a visa, it might feel like you're sitting on a ticking timebomb. But that's really not the case. Obviously, it's optimal to be in the country, working or visiting with a...
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What is USCIS?
USCIS is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is a federal agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The USCIS has the responsibility of administering the U.S.'s legal immigration and naturalization system.
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What Is Immigration Permit?
Each year, millions of foreign nationals apply for work visas and work permits to be legally employed in the United States (and potentially seek permanent residency). Though the process for obtaining work authorization is clear, it is not easy to...
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What Is a Lawful Permanent Resident?
A lawful permanent resident, also known as a green card holder, is a person that has been granted permission to live and work on a permanent basis in the United States. If you are considering applying to become a lawful permanent resident...
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New Laws on Immigration Will Lead to Profiling
On April 23, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer reignited a fire that had slowed to a simmer over the last couple of years, signing perhaps one of the strictest laws on immigration this country has seen.
By Todd A. Smith
What Are The Types Of Work Permits Granted To Foreigners?
Singapore offers appealing incentives and tax exemptions to foreign investors. Moreover, the Singapore government has clear-cut rules and policies regarding immigration.
By Alexis Cox