What to Know About the Zantac Ranitidine Lawsuit

Zantac is a medication that aids in relieving heartburn. However, in the past year, this medicine was tested to have harmful chemicals that can cause harm rather than good to the body. Some manufacturers have already recalled the product, but there are still some that are available in the market. Since there were reports of people showing symptoms of cancer and other illnesses due to taking the medication, a Zantac class action lawsuit began late last year.

If you believe that you are affected, read on the information below to learn more.

Why Zantac Is Dangerous for Your Health

Ranitidine is the generic name of Zantac, which is sold by the company Sanofi. The medication is available both over the counter and prescription and belongs to the class of drugs known as histamine-2 blockers. It is commonly used to relieve pain and prevent heartburn.

Last September 2019, the Food and Drug Authority tested Ranitidine and found it to have low levels of the compound called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). After this announcement, major drugstore chains pulled out Zantac and other generic versions of the drug from their stores.

NDMA is a contaminant that is found in water and food. It is classified as a carcinogen based on different studies conducted in animals, although studies in humans are still limited. You should know that since NDMA is only found in lower doses in Ranitidine, it does not pose any immediate health risks when you have taken it in small doses.

Since it is classified as a carcinogen, NDMA can only cause cancer when you are exposed to it for more extended periods. This means that when you have taken Ranitidine for a long time, the risk of getting cancer increases.

What You Should Do If You Took Ranitidine

There is still not a lot of information available when it comes to studies and tests regarding Ranitidine. The FDA and other agencies have just begun their investigations, and more details are said to be available soon. In the meantime, the FDA and even other countries like Canada, have requested the manufacturers to pull out the drug from the stores. There is also an information drive asking people to stop taking the medication.

Just like what was mentioned, using Ranitidine for shorter periods do not pose a health risk. However, if you have been using the medication for a reasonable amount of time, it is best to discuss with your physician whether you still need to take it or take other alternative treatment options.

How to Qualify for a Zantac Lawsuit or Settlement

A Zantac lawsuit was filed for those who claimed to get cancer from the medication because drug manufacturers failed to warn the users about the presence of NDMA which is a carcinogen. Numerous law firms across the country can help you if you are one of those affected. This is not part of the class action suit but an individual lawsuit instead. If you are a victim of the drug, you can file a case against the manufacturer.

If you have developed these diseases, there is a considerable chance for settlement:

  • Colon or rectal cancer

  • Liver cancer

  • Stomach cancer

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • Leukemia

  • Multiple myelomas

  • Prostate cancer

To qualify for compensation, with the help of a medical expert, you first have to prove that you are using Zantac or any other form of Ranitidine. If you were taking a prescription Zantac, you could show your pharmacy records. If you have been using over the counter version of the drug, you can show them receipts and notes in medical records.

After you have shown that you have the diagnosis through your medical records and doctor’s notes, you need to show that the diagnosis and the use of the drug are related. For example, you need to prove that your doctor required you to take higher doses of the drug, and you don’t have cancer in your family’s history. You are not qualified if you took one dose of the medicine and got cancer the next day.

Many factors need to be considered, and getting a settlement will depend on your situation. The majority of the experts are looking for at least one year of continued use to consider it a significant exposure. Aside from that, there is also the issue of latency. This means a year should have passed between the first time you took the drug and the time you developed cancer.


Since Zantac was proven to have minimal doses of the carcinogenic compound, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to take it out of the market. However, for those who were already using the drug for a long time, there is a chance that you might have developed cancer because of it. When this happens, you should know that you have the right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and arrange a settlement. The settlement helps with the medication and hospital bills; that is why you must choose the right lawyer for your case.

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