Facing a Federal Case? 6 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

When an individual is caught on the wrong side of the law, undesirable consequences can ensue inevitably. Engaging in unlawful behavior inevitably warrants criminal charges against an offender, and different offenses beget different consequences. If an individual or business finds itself in this situation, they’ll need the services of a criminal defense lawyer.

The sixth amendment of the Constitution states that a defendant has the right to a fair trial and legal representation by a lawyer. It is worth noting that in law, a person is innocent until proven guilty to the extent that the court proves their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A defense attorney's job is to fight for individuals or companies under criminal investigation. That being said, let’s explore how a criminal defense lawyer can assist in a federal case:

1. Analyze the Law Enforcement’s Conduct

Attorneys know the law and know how to deliver their narratives convincingly. For example, an experienced NYC Criminal Lawyer may adroitly present legitimate evidence before the court that an arrest was unlawfully executed by law enforcement. A situation like this can be due to the failure of the law enforcers to stick to the proper arrest procedures. Relevant evidence such as this will be presented during trials in the court of law.

Moreover, the evidence against you gathered by the law enforcement agents obtained in a manner that violated your constitutional rights will be thrown out. Your attorney will see to that. Such evidence is deemed unacceptable and won’t be presented during trial.

2. Help With a Plea Deal

An attorney can push for the client charged with a minor crime (misdemeanor) to be acquitted provided that sufficient evidence is provided. It's harder for a crime classified as a felony to be dropped. But the attorney can bargain for a lesser sentence.

3. Represent You During Trial

The trial is typically conducted in front of a jury. Your attorney can ensure that no improper evidence or testimony against you is presented. Moreover, it’s important to note that a jury is supposed to be neutral or unbiased. An attorney could also help ensure that the juries selected are impartial. This neutrality helps ensure that the verdict will be fair.

As part of their job, criminal defense attorneys present evidence and make arguments to convince the jury of their client’s innocence.

4. Gather Evidence

The attorney will interview you to get a clear understanding of the facts. The attorney also interviews the witnesses to gather any useful information from them. The defense lawyer will construct a coherent narrative before the case is heard in court. The attorney can then base their defense on all the information gathered and develop compelling legal arguments to make a case for the defendant.

5. Develop a Legal Strategy

In addition, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can ask the right questions and anticipate the prosecuting attorney’s narrative. The attorney’s job is to craft and deliver a strategy that will win over a jury using reasoning based on facts and evidence.

If you acted in self-defense or have an alibi, the attorney will base your legal defense based on these and other facts surrounding your case. And if the prosecution lacks compelling evidence and presents a weak case against you, your attorney can show to the jury that the other side can’t prove your guilt ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’

Therefore, if something unfortunate happens and you get caught up in a federal criminal case, let the criminal defense lawyer be your first point of call.

6. Legal Advisor

A defense attorney also acts as a legal advisor. They provide their clients with advice regarding how best to deal with law enforcement and what to expect regarding legal procedures. Uttering the wrong words at the wrong time could go as far as costing a person a case. Words carry weight and must be used tactfully.

A defense attorney can help you in that regard. Therefore, the advisory role of a criminal defense lawyer is invaluable. Public and private criminal defense lawyers do the same work. The only difference is that public defense lawyers are assigned tasks by the federal, local, or state courts.


The services of a criminal defense attorney when a person is being charged with a criminal offense are vital. These lawyers represent people in a court of law in a legal capacity. They’ll act as your defender, advisor, and guide starting from the beginning to end.

Also, bear in mind that since it’s the attorney’s job to defend you, the end goal is to win the case. Sometimes, though, winning constitutes reducing a prison term, and sometimes, it results in charges being completely dropped. That being said, it’s easy to see why having a defense lawyer is not only necessary, but wise.

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