The Bay Area Serial Psychopath - The Zodiac Killers Victims

Many people live with fond memories and illusions about the "wonderful era of the 1960's". It was the time of rock n roll legends, of peace marches and more. Yet the 1960's had more of their share of terror and evil inclinations. The San Fransisco Bay Area "Zodiac Killer" was one such black mark. This incarnation of evil and publicity seeker lives onwards even to this day. It is not only a matter of downright fascination with this character . Its not only a matter that he never was caught. Media images and copycats exist even to day. Think of the Son of Sam, the Manson family and the Dirty Harry movies of Clint Eastwood. Whom do you these characters of portrayed or actual murders mirror a pattern of ?

It is generally held, after extensive research and corroboration tat between Dec 1968 and November of that year that the Zodiac was the terror on the minds of most in the San Francisco Bay areas. The legacy of the Zodiac lives on today as unfortunately the model if not hero, of many individuals, whom you might well call crazy or psychopaths

Working his killing through different areas, he became known only as the zodiac killer after he included taunting letters to the press. The letters started in 1969 when the zodiac killer placed three almost identical letters out to three area papers.

The Zodiackiller would continue these letters and taunting for many years. Though only seven victims were conclusively connected to the zodiac, it's no doubt that he may have easily had a hand in the rest of the slayings.

Amazingly even with all the clues provided by the Zodiac in his taunting of the police and his boasts , the Zodiac was never caught. One would think that it would only take one single clue to give his identity area. But that never occurred. The main suspect in the case was one Arthur Leigh Allen, but no case was ever made against him. In fact it was in 2002 that DNA evidence was processed, but no links could be made to Allen in any of those tests.

Though Arthur Leigh Allen and his close friend Don Cheney were both ruled out, when envelopes that had been sent from the zodiac killer and his DNA were processed. The police still held to the possible belief that he may be the one and true killer.

There is one telling coincidence though. The author of the major , well documented and incredibly deeply researched book and treatise on this matter , author Robert Graysmith , was the recipient of a steady and ongoing string what might be considered prank phone calls. The writer's phone would ring night or day , no one would speak. The caller would then hang up. It was as if the caller was taunting and tormenting this writer This incident of hang up phone calls ,ended in time , almost to the day when the "Teflon" suspect in the case Mr. Allen succumbed of natural causes. Then again with all the insight and methodological planning and follow through of the Zodiac perhaps it was the taunter's planned efforts once again.

In the end after so much time had passed , since the 1960's , the San Fransisco Bay Area Police could do more. So much time had elapsed , the trail had gone cold , any witnesses and clues were either not available , reliable or had dried up. The police persisted and resisted attempts to close down the case and inquiry. . Finally in 2004 the case of the Zodiac Killer was officially closed.

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