Details About The Defense Attorney's Of OJ Simpson That Were Involved In America's Most Famous Murder Trial In History

This article will describe the most widely covered and publicized criminal trial in American history . It took place in 1994 when famous former football player , OJ Simpson was charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Simpson had the means and the celebrity status to hire what as later deemed as the "Dream Team" of Las Vegas criminal defense attorney or Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. This trial was closely watched and widely covered that all of the lawyers involved in the case, whether on the defense or the prosecution became celebrities in their own right.

On of the most vocal defense attorneys on Simpson's team was Johnnie Cochran. This high profile lawyer gave passionate performances in the courtroom to fight the large amount of physical evidence against Simpson . He is famous for using the phrase, "If it don't fit, then you must acquit" that refers to a bloody glove that matched one found in Simpson's home that had a blend of Simpson's and the murder-victims blood all over it. In the trial, Cochran claimed that glove could not have been put on by the largely built Simpson because it was way too little. He then had Simpson physically show what a struggle it was for him to try to get the glove to go on his hand .

It has been guessed that the Dream team of defense representation cost Simpson somewhere between $3-6,000,000 , the most costly murder defense expense to date . Another lawyer F. Lee Bailey led the team to fight that Los Angeles police department detective, Mark Fuhrman, actually illegally put evidence at the crime scene and was racist and pushed to have Simpson to be found guilty.

The other two defense attorneys on the Simpson case are the two Robert's. One is Robert Kardashian who has died from cancer since then but became quite famous and wealthy from this case and his family continues to be in the spotlight now . The other lawyer is Robert Shapiro who also became well known not only for his work defending OJ Simpson during the trial but for his frank opinions against some of the dream team after the trial was over . He put these opinions in the book called Search for Justice where he referred to F. Lee Bailey a loose cannon and said that Johnnie Cochran played the race card during the trial. This became quite a controversy, obviously. All of the defense attorneys gained fame following this trial whether they wished for it or not due to the amount of publicity and reaction from the people watching .

The final result of the Dream Team's work resulted in working and despite what was viewed as incredible evidence against Simpson, he was determined to be not guilty in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. A couple of jurors later admitted that they believed that Simpson was guilty but that the prosecution messed up the case too much. After the trial, people were shocked he was found not guilty and were outraged while others supported the result. Somewhat of a racial divide regarding this occurred as well .

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