Police Sniff Dog Found Reliable to Court Despite Signaling the Presence of Narcotics That Did Not Exist
We have all seen it. Police pull over a car. The driver of the car gets out and the police bring a dog to the car. The dog is often a German Shepherd. The dog jumps into the car and sniffs around. The dog may signal to the police handler that...
By Greg Hill
Store Security Video Evidence, Without Any In-Person Identification, Can Be Used to Convict You
Often a security camera film captures the events. Often the film provides our clients a defense or impeaches the claims written in a police report. In the following case, such security camera films hurt the defendant. Over a twenty-one month...
By Greg Hill
If Visiting One in Jail, Be Careful What You Bring With You!
Often an attorney does not need to speak to the client via a handset behind a thick pane of glass. For non-attorneys there are certain restrictions. The following recent case exemplifies why it is important to protect oneself when visiting a jail...
By Greg Hill
Should Weed Be Legalized? The Debate Rages On
There seems to be no middle ground in the ongoing battle between people who think that weed should be legalized and those who believe very strongly that it should be banned no matter what its medical uses may be. A few countries as well a few...
By Felix Lehmann
Will Criminal Charges Affect My Security Clearance?
If you have a security clearance for your occupation and end up getting charged for a criminal or drunk driving offense, you may be worried about losing your clearance. And with good reason. You will have to fill out a form when you renew...
By Brad Laybourne
What Is The Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?
Murder is an incredibly serious crime. Murder is defined in the legal system today as killing someone illegally, and with intent. Legal killings, such as the death penalty, would not be considered murder. Killings that occur with no intent...
By Ariel Parat
Feds Arrest Two In Buffalo For Debt Collection Scam
The U.S. Attorney's office handed in a criminal complaint Friday in U.S. District Court charging Timothy E. Arent and Neil G. Wieczkowski, both of Buffalo, N.Y., with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Arent is also charged with...
By Jonathan Summers
The Bay Area Serial Psychopath - The Zodiac Killers Victims
Many people live with fond memories and illusions about the "wonderful era of the 1960's". It was the time of rock n roll legends, of peace marches and more. Yet the 1960's had more of their share of terror and evil inclinations.
By Raymond U. Piker
Details About The Defense Attorney's Of OJ Simpson That Were Involved In America's Most Famous Murder Trial In History
This article will describe the most widely covered and publicized murder trial in the US court system . It happened in 1994 when famous former football star, OJ Simpson was charged in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and...
By Connor Sullivan
Forensic Audit Defined
Forensic auditing is an accounting method that tracks down evidence committed in a crime involving embezzlement and fraud. This process is important in litigating criminal acts in the court of law.
By Greg Pierce
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