8 Reasons Why You Should Talk With Lawyers When Claiming Disability Benefits

The process of claiming disability benefits is one that can be long and complicated. Involving lawyers would help with relevant aspects of the process, including time management, concept clarifications and explanations, and transparency as well. When left to your discretion, you might feel frustrated compared to having experts handle your claim.

It may be difficult to trust others to take care of these matters, but tapping professionals such as the lawyers of Bross & Frankel might prove beneficial when claiming disability benefits. Here are eight reasons why.

1. Clarity

When claiming disability benefits, you might encounter terms and words that might be unfamiliar. The confusion you might face can slow down the process and lead to the dismissal of your case due to providing incorrect information. With a legal team on your side, you can consult any confusing terms and queries, which increase your chances of being granted your disability benefits.

2. Relevant Information

A general online sweep of how to file a claim for your type of disability can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. There is a ton of information regarding this matter, with some targeted for certain types of disabilities. Lawyers could redirect you toward finding relevant information about your unique position, meaning you could avoid the confusion that might come with information overload.

3. Appropriate Information

Lawyers are adept at guiding and advising on how to respond to particular questions and guidelines of the necessary applications. Attention to detail and response length are some of the pointers you can get from your lawyers to increase your chances of success. On your own, you might omit crucial details or relevant information that might help your case.

4. Complete Applications

Any application that lacks proper information will indeed be dismissed. It’s easy to overlook certain required sections of your application form because of the amount of information required from you. A lawyer could always double-check the form and point out areas that might be incomplete before you submit your claim.

5. Required Documentation

Part of obtaining a successful medical claim is submitting the completed complementing documentation and records such as medical information. Lawyers have expert-level knowledge regarding the documents you need to attach to avoid having your request dismissed. Not only do they know which kind of documents you need, but they can help with filling out the adequate information needed to be written on those documents. Again, when left to your judgment, you might assume that all your documents are complete, only to have your case dismissed due to some missing accompanying documentation. Lawyers always check the application package and make sure they are complete prior to submission.

6. Accurate Submission Process

Given any typical day, numerous medical claims such as yours are filed daily. In the process, you might submit your claim to the wrong channel and realize the mistake only when it’s too late. Lawyers will be there to make sure that your claim goes to the intended people so as to avoid common clerical mistakes such as misplacement. It’s the lawyers who follow through with such legal administrative steps.

7. Deadlines

You might have all the required information and documentation to have your appeal granted. However, if you miss certain deadlines, your application won't even be considered. Lawyers can keep you on track regarding the submission dates. Without their help, you might miss or mistake the required deadlines, meaning you might have to wait for a longer time period to take the next steps of your application.

8. Appeals

In case your claim has been dismissed, you can file for an appeal with the guide of some legal expertise. Lawyers can assess the dismissal and orient you on the necessary steps forward regarding an appeal. It’s imperative that you don’t lose hope easily. There have been instances where people were granted their claims after being denied at first. A dismissal is not a dead-end decision as lawyers can help you navigate this outcome for a more hopeful one through an appeal.


If you’re looking to file for a disability claim, finding a lawyer can make the process easier and increases your chances of being granted. A lawyer can clarify any confusing or unclear concepts you might encounter, direct you to the relevant information, help fill out the appropriate information, make sure your documentation is complete, and remind you to meet deadlines. Should your case get dismissed, your lawyer can guide you through the appeal process. Thus, make sure to tap recommended and reputable lawyers when securing your disability benefit to avoid becoming a victim of scams.

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