Small Business Collections: Third Party Levy Power

Walter Small Business: For years we had a great business relationship. We shared rental space, did joint promotions, and made money together... not a lot of money, but we made money. Then he got into trouble with the IRS, something about back taxes on some land. He was in a bind so I loaned him some money.

Gene Skiptracer: How much money?

WSB: $8,700.00! That was three years ago. When he got back on his feet again, he wouldn't talk to me about repaying my money, or even return my phone calls. So I went to court and got a judgment against him.

GS: What type of business does he have?

WSB: He owns PR Trucking Company. He has five trucks and his biggest customer is Stay Lowe Food Market

GS: Is your judgment against him or against the company?

WSB: Against both.

GS: I think you can get your money fairly easy. Who supplies his gas?

WSB: Reader Oil Company. He pays for consignments and has a storage tank almost as big as a gas station. They make two deliveries a month.

GS: This is how you can get his attention and make him pay. Have your attorney file garnishment papers requesting a third party levy. A third party levy is a powerful collection tool.. You can garnish the Stay Lowe Food Store and request that it surrenders all money being held for the judgment debtor. You can also use a third party levy to seize all products being held by a third party for the judgment debtor. If PR Trucking pays Reader Oil Company for a consignment of gas, you can petition the court to order Reader Oil Company to release the gas to you. Once it's in your possession you can auction it off to pay for your judgment. Third party levies can be used to garnish bank accounts, stocks and bonds, or any other valuables being held by a third party.

Gene Allen is a collection specialist with 11 years of experience in the industry. His new ebook "Powerful Secrets of Bounty Hunters and Lawmen for Tracking Deadbeat Cash...Guaranteed" gives practical tips on asset location.

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