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A Primer on International Arbitration for Board Members & Local Counsel
Arbitration is not a new concept, in fact it has been used for centuries, with Plato writing about arbitration amongst the ancient Greeks. As international trade and commerce have grown over the past decades, the frequency of arbitration.
By Juliette Passer, Esq.
Family Law: What Are Your Rights When You Get Divorced
Marriage and family life are worthwhile experiences during your lifetime. However, life never works out the same way for everyone. In fact, a lot of people suffer from abusive, nonmutual, uncommitted, and unfaithful relationships, which negatively...
By LYMT Content Author
SEO for Law Firms: Benefits of Online Marketing
Online marketing or digital marketing refers to the use of tools and the practice of leveraging online-based channels to promote products and services, spreading the good news about a brand to potential customers. The use of social media and email...
By LYMT Content Author
How Is Child Support Determined
How child support is calculated is a common question asked by parents. The calculation of child support can get complicated but there's a basic formula that goes into determining child support in Oklahoma.
By LYMT Content Author
5 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer
When looking for a lawyer, you should shop around, so to speak, and evaluate the proficiency of a potential attorney. After all, you want the best legal representation to present your case in court to increase your chances of getting justice.
By LYMT Content Author
5 Things You Must Do Before You File for a Divorce
Filing for a divorce is never an easy decision. No matter what has transpired between you and your spouse, there was a time when you both believed you would be together forever. Chances are, you both want this to end as quickly and painlessly as...
By LYMT Content Author
Merchant Cash Advance Relief: How to Get Out of a Cash Advance
A merchant cash advance is a type of payment sum that is given to a business in exchange for its future sales and/or debit card sales. However, many enterprises find that merchant cash advances can be detrimental in the long run. The amount of...
By LYMT Content Author
Do Insurance Companies Cover Medical Malpractice?
Medical malpractice insurance is liability insurance that doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals get in case they are accused of negligence, recklessness, wrongful death, or any other personal injury. However, it does...
By LYMT Content Author
The Benefits of Professional Marketing for Law Firms
Marketing is one of the vital strategies that businesses adopt to succeed and profit. However, when it comes to law firms, professional marketing is a bit different from other industries. Not only should marketing be at a higher level, but there...
By LYMT Content Author
Why Whistleblowers Are Important for Medical Loss Ratio Fraud
The medical loss ratio (MLR) is a threshold imposed by the US government on healthcare companies to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately. Insurance carriers are required to spend at least 80 percent of their premium funds on medical...
By LYMT Content Author
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