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Can My Employer Fire Me If I Am Unable to Work Because of an Injury and Am Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits?
Being injured on the job can lead to costly medical expenses and missed work days while you heal from your injury. Based on the nature and extent of your injury, you might be unable to work for days, weeks, months, or even years. According to...
By LYMT Content Author
How to Win a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in 3 Steps
A wrongful death lawsuit happens if the survivors sue the liable party who caused the death of someone because of carelessness or misconduct. This lawsuit aims to garner compensation for those who file the legal case. This might involve paying for...
By LYMT Content Author
5 Things to Know Before Getting a Power of Attorney for Medicare
Medicare is health insurance from the U.S. government for seniors 65 years and older and others who qualify earlier due to disability. Many citizens who are already on Medicare or about to enroll in Medicare cannot make these decisions on their own.
By LYMT Content Author
Facing Charges Against Assault: 4 Things You Should Do
People make mistakes. However, there are only a handful of mistakes as regrettable and grave as assault. Whether it was a drunken mistake or you were accused of attacking someone, facing assault charges can be quite a life-changing experience.
By LYMT Content Author
5 Useful Steps to Take in Case of an Oil Field Accident
Oil fields can be dangerous places to work, and accidents do happen. While it is impossible to prevent every accident, there are steps that employers and employees can take to reduce the likelihood of an oil field accident occurring.
By LYMT Content Author
What Is a Superload Permit?
When you think of a big rig, you think of a 10,000-pound 18-wheeler. However, there are vehicles on the road that weigh over what the average big rig weighs. These vehicles will need a special permit called a super load. Unlike so many other...
By LYMT Content Author
7 Life Situations That May Require a Lawyer's Assistance
No one knows when they might need a lawyer. Whether you are getting married, buying a home, or starting a business, there is always the potential for legal complications. That's why it's essential to know when to seek legal help. Keep in mind that...
By LYMT Content Author
Divorce Elements That Can Vary Between States
There are few universal standards across the country when it comes to the divorce process. Each state tends to have its own legislation when it comes to arranging aspects like custody, property division, and cooling-off periods. As such, it is...
By John deGirolamo
8 Things to Do Before Filing for a Divorce
Getting a divorce is never easy. Even if you and your spouse don't have plenty of shared assets to divide or children to consider, the entire endeavor requires careful thought and preparation. Here are eight essential things you must do before...
By LYMT Content Author
Know Your Legal Rights When You Are Arrested
If you or someone you care about is arrested, the scenario will be perplexing and upsetting. With these heightened emotions, it's hard to make sound decisions. Furthermore, the average individual is not well versed in the law, which can result...
By LYMT Content Author
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