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The Communication Convergence Bill, India - A Lawyer's Perspective
The Communication Convergence Bill primarily intends to promote and develop the entire communications sector, in the scenario of increasing convergence of technologies. Thus India hopes to become the second country in the globe to have...
By V.K. Unni
Law Democracy And Economic Growth
Recently it has become fashionable to emphasize that "rule of law" is necessary for economic growth. When applied to the problems of crony capitalism and eliminating corruption the idea makes some sense. But when we say "rule of law," do we mean...
By William Gamble
International Trade & Finance: Current Trends And Difficulties
Powerful forces have driven the rapid growth of international capital flows, including the trend in both industrial and developing countries towards economic liberalization and the globalisation of trade.
By Wong Sau Ngan
Women's And Children's Rights - And The Protection Offered By Domestic Law
The definition of "rights" have long been debated - the beginnings of universally-accepted rights can the traced back to the UN Charter for Human Rights. When it was found that the Charter failed to specify the other disadvantaged groups...
By Aneeta Kulasegaran
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