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Banking Law - An Introduction to Corporate Guarantee
In the United Arab Emirates, the risk management activities inherent in running a corporate or investment banking business remain of crucial importance, not least because of the strong local characteristic of "name lending", by which is meant...
By Hassan Mohsen Elhais
Eminent Domain
Eminent domain, also known as compulsory purchase expropriation, is the power of the state to seize a citizen's land for public use. Monetary compensation is required in this situation, but the owner's consent is not. In some jurisdictions...
By Charles Iner
Defendant's Sixth Amendment Right to Cross-Examination Not Violated When Confidential Informant Testifies Wearing a Wig and Sunglasses
The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants a criminal defendant the right "to be confronted with the witnesses against him." This right includes the right to physically face those who testify against him or her to ensure the witness gives...
By Greg Hill
Learn the Facts About Court Reporting
Court reporting is an important job. The legal system needs someone to record the legal processes that go on with trials. This done with short handed typing that is used to record so that no words are missed when he or she is typing. The other...
By Adrianna Noton
The Biggest Legal Misconceptions
Television dramas and movies often lead people to draw conclusions about the legal system and the way it works. Shows such as Law & Order and other TV dramas shed the light on some legality in the court system, but not all over the factors in the...
By Amy Nutt
Going To Small Claims Court In Toronto
Small claims courts are also known as magistrate courts or county courts, depending on where you live. Small claims courts have as their purpose to try civil cases between private parties...
By Socrates De Souza
Paralegals In Small Claims Courts
Making a claim at the small claims court is the best way to settle simple money or property disputes. Small claims courts are authorized to try small claims, usually not exceeding $5000, although they may also have other judicial functions.
By Socrates De Souza
Why Everybody Is Doing This 5 Deadly Mistakes At The Small Claim Court?
Self represented parties sue the wrong person or entity! This is a common and fatal error that self-represented parties make time and time again. When you sue a person or a business, it is of the utmost importance that you sue the correct...
By Melissa Weber
Small Business Collections: Third Party Levy Power
WSB: He was in a bind so I loaned him some money. That was three years ago. When he got back on his feet again, he wouldn't talk to me about repaying my money, or even return my phone calls. So I went to court and got a judgment against him...
By Gene Allen
Small Business Collections: Prepaid Legal Plans
Skip I feel like I've hit a wall that's dripping with red ink. I have a stack of unpaid invoices that's squeezing the life out of my bank account. I need to take some of these people to court, but I don't have a clue about how to get it done.
By Gene Allen
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