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Does the Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle?
The short-term answer to if California honors lemon laws for leased vehicles is yes, they do. Lemon Laws apply to all vehicles covered under warranty and in need of repairs, and the name of the law is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.
By LYMT Content Author
Financial benefits of hiring a business law attorney for your small business
Owning a small business is a dream for many people. When you are a small business owner, you will find that there are risks that need to be properly managed to ensure that your business remains successful. One of the best ways that you can manage...
By LYMT Content Author
Industries that cause the most wrongful deaths in Washington State
We tend not to think of wrongful death situations owing to our belief in the litany of safety protocols devoted to ensuring Washington state industries remain safe for employees and customers alike. While a correct assumption, industrial...
By LYMT Content Author
Can I Still Receive Workers' Compensation Benefits if the Accident Was My Fault?
When you are injured on the job, you can receive workers' compensation regardless of whether it was your fault or not. That is because the State of California provides a no-fault benefits system so workers can recover from injuries caused by work...
By LYMT Content Author
How do the courts determine child custody?
Child custody is an all too tricky thing, and that is not at all surprising. After all, divorces and separations themselves are rather contentious affairs. All too often, a child custody dispute can come down to one or both of the people involved...
By LYMT Content Author
Minority Representation in the Legal Industry
There is a growing importance of diversity and representation within the legal industry. This article reviews how to build more inclusive and diverse law firms.
By Alex Young
5 Benefits of CRM Software for Lawyers
Lawyers deal with multiple clients in a day. To better serve a large number of individuals, law firms need to have a well-structured and organized system. It's only with an organized operation that lawyers can impress their customers...
By LYMT Content Author
Differences Between a Wrongful Death and a Personal Injury Claim
When a negligent person or company injures you, you are the one filing the claim. Therefore, it takes less time to file and prove a wrongful injury case than in a wrongful death case. You and your attorneys must prove that the actions of another...
By LYMT Content Author
4 Legal Priorities for Divorcing Couples
Getting a divorce is said to be a painstakingly complex process for couples falling out of marriage. Aside from the emotional toll that it could bring to both you and your spouse, you'll also have to think of a lot of other priorities including...
By LYMT Content Author
Lawyers Preparing for Onslaught of These Three Case Types in Second-half of 2021
You may have seen the optimism abound in just about every area of life, with the government patting itself on the back for efforts to ease society back to normal. However, the challenges of the last year are only truly starting to be realized...
By LYMT Content Author
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