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Can My Employer Fire Me If I Am Unable to Work Because of an Injury and Am Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits?
Being injured on the job can lead to costly medical expenses and missed work days while you heal from your injury. Based on the nature and extent of your injury, you might be unable to work for days, weeks, months, or even years. According to...
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Discovery in Criminal Cases: What You Need to Know
Being charged with a criminal offense can be an unpleasant experience. Aside from the custodial investigation conducted by the police authorities, you must also deal with a lengthy and time-consuming criminal trial to decide whether you committed...
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How to Win a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in 3 Steps
A wrongful death lawsuit happens if the survivors sue the liable party who caused the death of someone because of carelessness or misconduct. This lawsuit aims to garner compensation for those who file the legal case. This might involve paying for...
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Most Common Cases the Average Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With
Personal injury lawyers are legal experts representing people who have experienced physical or psychological injuries due to someone else's ill intentions or negligence. However, unless you've needed to utilize their services before, you might be...
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How to File a Personal Injury Claim in 5 Steps
If you've been injured due to someone else's recklessness, you could be eligible for compensation. You could slip and fall on a wet floor because there are no signs, get mauled by the dog, and more. Along with filing a claim, you must prove you...
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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Power of Attorney for Medicare
Medicare is health insurance from the U.S. government for seniors 65 years and older and others who qualify earlier due to disability. Many citizens who are already on Medicare or about to enroll in Medicare cannot make these decisions on their own.
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Facing Charges Against Assault: 4 Things You Should Do
People make mistakes. However, there are only a handful of mistakes as regrettable and grave as assault. Whether it was a drunken mistake or you were accused of attacking someone, facing assault charges can be quite a life-changing experience.
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How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Etobicoke
Any kind of personal injury can be traumatic. For example, you could be involved in a car crash or a slip-and-fall accident. Regardless of the injury, you would likely shoulder expensive medical costs, lose a paycheck, and deal with insurance...
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What Are the Potential Long-Term Consequences Of a Car Accident?
Many people only consider the short-term consequences of a car accident, such as frequent visits to medical professionals, pain, and vehicle damage. However, there can be many more long-term consequences that not everyone considers. Failure to...
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5 Useful Steps to Take in Case of an Oil Field Accident
Oil fields can be dangerous places to work, and accidents do happen. While it is impossible to prevent every accident, there are steps that employers and employees can take to reduce the likelihood of an oil field accident occurring.
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5 Ways to Protect Your Ideas
When you create an idea, business, product, or design, you don't want to go through that hard work to have someone infringe upon it. Your livelihood can be destroyed by intellectual property theft or infringement.
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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Slip and Fall Case?
Slip and fall cases are a type of premises liability case because they can occur due to a property owner's negligence towards property maintenance or other issues. Inadequately maintained floors and slippery flooring materials are leading causes...
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5 Benefits of Registering Your Business
Starting a business is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be quite challenging. There are a number of important steps to take in order to ensure your success, and one of the most important...
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How an Attorney Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim
Nothing is worse than navigating the legal system alone after being injured in an accident. Most civilians have a limited understanding of the nuances of the law and need to rely on a lawyer's expertise. When you are injured in an accident, it's...
Category: Personal Injury     By LYMT Content Author
How to Plan for the Retirement You Want
Retirement planning refers to your strategies to maintain your finances and a good life after leaving the workforce. For young individuals, retirement seems far even to cross their minds. However, many people leaving the workforce wake up to...
Category: Retirement Planning     By LYMT Content Author
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