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  1. What should you look for in a rental agreement?
    By Jack Waugh - Oct 3, 2017
    You've purchased rooms for rent and how you're figuring out how to get started as a landlord. Failing to specify all your requirements and expectations in the lease is one of the more common landlord mistakes.
    Category: Leasing and Renting a Home

  2. SEO and SEM - Similarities & Differences
    By Amaya Dixit - May 19, 2017
    If you're a small business owner and have recently given your business a digital edge, chances are that you've come across the terms 'SEO' and 'SEM' pretty frequently SEO or search engine optimization is one of those things that are designed to...
    Category: Search Engines Marketing and Optimization (SEO)

  3. Can Victims Claim Compensation?
    By Hassan Mohsen Elhais - May 19, 2017
    Many people often feel offended when they are charged with a Criminal case, such as for financial crimes, physical violence, cyber crimes and so on. Some individuals think that they will receive compensation if they file a criminal case against...
    Category: Criminal Law

  4. Rules and Regulations Followed in Criminal Cases
    By Hassan Mohsen Elhais - May 19, 2017
    It is important for any accused in any criminal case to understand what his rights are in criminal sessions and to be able to at least imagine how things might work in such sessions or how the law is organized.
    Category: Criminal Law

  5. Rewriting the Race Categories
    By Kaspar Schmidt - Apr 5, 2017
    Race is a word that comes with cultural, phenotypic and genotypic connotations. This mix of attributes usually leads to controversy and confusion. Sometimes at the degree that some people claim that the concept of race is meaningless, and...
    Category: Culture Concepts

  6. Planning the Special Day: Wedding Advice
    By Gary Pettit - Apr 5, 2017
    On the day of the wedding, try not to blow things out of proportion by thinking too far into the future. Take advantage of the actual day and enjoy every second of it, as it is going to be an event that you remember for the rest of your life.
    Category: Wedding

  7. All You Need to Know About Great Wedding Ceremonies
    By Gary Pettit - Apr 5, 2017
    Many people would say that marriage is one of the biggest life steps a person will go through. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can at times be a daunting and exhausting event to plan. The cost of weddings and intense planning can stress even the...
    Category: Wedding

  8. How ISO Certification Will Change Your Business Strategies
    By Ahad Arzi - Apr 5, 2017
    Every business person knows that importance of ISO certification. Ever since the introduction systems, ISO has become the standard measure of ensuring, a business or organization satisfies consumer requirements, consistently. By adhering to ISO...
    Category: Strategic Planning

  9. How Smoking Messes Up Your Digestion
    By Mr. Steven Case - Apr 5, 2017
    You are smoking cigarettes not eating them so smoking can't be that bad for your stomach... can it? It can and it is. Like all good stories this begins at the beginning...
    Category: Quit Smoking

  10. DNA Testing For Adoptees
    By Kaspar Schmidt - Mar 29, 2017
    Individual laws governing the release of adoption information vary state to state, and it can be a complicated process to find detailed information on an adoptee's biological parents. The reasons for finding one's biological parents could vary...
    Category: Adoption

  11. What Affects the Bitcoin Price?
    By PTC BitCoin Success Blog - Mar 29, 2017
    The BitCoin Price and the BitCoin value are not related to each other. The Bitcoin price only refers to the direct monetary costs of acquiring BitCoins - it is an objective factor. The value of BitCoins however refers to its perceived usefulness...
    Category: Currency Trading

  12. BitCoin Value - What Is It?
    By PTC BitCoin Success Blog - Mar 29, 2017
    To understand the BitCoin value, we need to first understand the true meaning of the word "value". Do not make the mistake of confusing an item's value and its price. The price of an item only refers to how much money you'll need to give in order...
    Category: Currency Trading

  13. Witness Hearing Before the Criminal Courts
    By Hassan Mohsen Elhais - Mar 22, 2017
    The witnesses have to be invited to attend the hearing on the basis of a request from one of the parties. After the approval of the court. The official notice will have to be sent at least 1 day before the hearing date. Although the parties to...
    Category: Criminal Law

  14. Infographic: How to Use Instagram to WOW Your Audience
    By Amaya Dixit - Mar 22, 2017
    Using Instagram for business doesn't mean you have to stick up a bank and get loads of cash to pay for tastefully shot images. There are several ways you can use Instagram for business, make yourself visible and enhance your customers' experience.
    Category: Internet Marketing

  15. Population Bottleneck and How Humans Managed to Squeeze Through It
    By Kaspar Schmidt - Mar 22, 2017
    Broadly speaking population bottleneck can mean either the number of people on the earth falls drastically just like our bank balance at the end of the month or the genetic variety of the population falls that is we would be left with the same...
    Category: Science

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