Boost Your Retirement Income With These Business Opportunities

Governments have ordained that on retirement employees should be rewarded with a pension, superannuation or other retirement benefits. Living a peaceful and a happy retired life is what most people love to do on retirement. Unfortunately there are many instances where the retirement income becomes insufficient to meet certain outstanding family responsibilities and hence an additional income becomes a necessity to boost your retirement income. Early retirement too has often created a sense of frustration in the minds of retirees especially if they are physically active and mentally alert. Hence actively involving themselves in various business opportunities keeps their morale up.

There are several business opportunities ideally suited for retirees that you should seriously consider if you wish to earn an additional retirement income.

Customer Greeter:

An easy way of earning a retirement income is to work as a customer greeter.The customer greeter is responsible for continuously providing superior customer service to each and every customer who walks into the store. The customer greeter has to greet all customers as they enter the store and should be very knowledgeable of the store, services and the location of the merchandise. This

Sales Clerk:

A Sales Clerk not only takes orders but also works as cashier. He should be very knowledgeable about the diverse products and services available in the store and be capable of giving satisfactory replies to questions from the customers. Customer service plays an important part in their day to day activities.


Retirees with professional qualifications or with several years experience in specialized fields can start a consultancy business and earn an attractive retirement income. Mature and experienced people are quite often preferred in certain specialized fields. Consultants are in great demand in areas such as, Marketing, Accountancy, Human Resources and Civil Engineering.

EBook Publisher:

One item that is very popular and in great demand in the Internet world is e-books. Professionally qualified and experienced people who are skilled in the art of writing can publish e-books in their respective field of expertise and market them to an ever growing hungry Internet audience. You can work from home and generate a reasonable retirement income.

Tour guide:

Generally there are no specific requirements to become a Tour Guide. Other than customer service and some basics they learn their skills on the job. A good knowledge of the areas being toured and a knowledge of a couple of other languages will be useful since your job will be to accompany tourists and explain to them on sight seeing, educational and other tours as required.

Pet Sitter:

Some people who love pets and who have had experience in caring pets can consider being pet sitters or walkers. They can charge for their services on an hourly basis. Others who have skills in training their pets can also become pet trainers. This is an easy job and can bring an additional income during retirement.

Freelance Writer:

If you have the talent to write, retirement provides you all the time you need to become a Freelance writer. There are many different kinds of freelance writing, such as marketing writing, business writing, or web writing. There are also freelancers who specialize in writing for magazines and newspapers.
You could concentrate on some of these areas that appeals to you most and earn an income during retirement working from home.


These income generating business opportunities cover a broad spectrum of skills and can help you boost your retirement income and lead a happy and an active retired life.

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