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What Is Asset Allocation? Why Is it Important?
Having a proper asset allocation is by far the most important part of any investment portfolio. Research has shown that good asset allocation is key to the long term success of any investment portfolio. Essentially, asset allocation is how you...
By Ching Wei Lee
Introduction To Asset Class
The word "asset" can be interpreted in many ways. Generally, an asset is defined as something of value to someone. A car is an asset. A house is an asset too. Even something as abstract as "knowledge" is considered an asset...
By Ching Wei Lee
What's Your Investor Personality?
Some investors are naturally optimistic, while others may have the "glass-is-half-full" mindset. There's nothing wrong with either personality types, but depending on the type of person you are, there may be certain investment products that are...
By Ching Wei Lee
The Importance Of Diversification In Investment
Diversification is by far the most underrated and least understood concept in investing. Intuitively, it should make sense. You shouldn't "put all your eggs in one basket"...When we diversify, we reduce the risk of losing money. Many investors...
By Ching Wei Lee
The Psychology of Investment
Psychology plays an important role in investment. Many people (including seasoned investors) don't realise the influence psychology has on an investor's decision making. Below, we introduce two concepts that are not only interesting, but also...
By Ching Wei Lee
A Brief Overview of Investing Banking Products and Services
There are usually several core banking products, services or investment activities that individual investors can work with an investment bank on, with the most common being investment banking itself. For individual investors, much of their...
By Adrianna Noton
Things to Be Considered Before Choosing an Online Investment Program
Before you choose any online investment program to invest into, there are some important factors which you must first put into a great deal consideration in other for you not to make any expensive mistake which could lead to huge loss of your...
By Darlington Chigozie
Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) Rates: How to Make the Best of Your Investment
If you are looking to invest your money in a low risk financial instrument, then consider guaranteed investment certificates or GICs. Of course, since they are low risk they are also low return, but not too bad.
By Adrianna Noton