Is Cloud Hosting Right For You?

Getting food in a forest, when we are hungry is a big challenge. At the same time, staying in metro cities, deciding which dish to taste is yet another challenge. So, the challenges are equal, when you hardly have resources and also when you have handful resources. The same thing happens with web hosting solutions. Lot many hosting companies and lot many hosting plans with overwhelming packages of set of features make us to stand in a big junction where there tens of directions to take a move. Hard time! Right?

Don't worry, with the evolution of the internet and hosting technology, the experts consistently look for more customized solutions. With the increased competition, it is the experience of many customers to get carried away with bottom-of-the-barrel pricing resulting in failing over delivery of committed services.

There are three traditional web hosting plans which are being used so far. They are shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is the most basic hosting plan, which is best served for small scale websites. One server is shared among multiple websites for the server resources. Sharing of the resources is prone to many of the hosting issues like less security levels, congested bandwidth, limited storage space and virus threat. Still it is preferred for its economical pricing.

Dedicated hosting is the hosting plan, which dedicates one server completely for one domain or multiple domains for one company or one business. It is preferred by enterprises and corporate for the best security and dedicated resources.

VPS hosting is a tradeoff between the above two hosting plans.


The cloud hosting is relatively a new hosting plan which provides great levels of stability and reliability through other forms of web hosting. The reliability is attained with clouds, because of good number of machines incorporated and working together as a cohesive system. If one system is suffocated with hiccups, there is another system which compensates the resources for consistent performance. Hardly any risk is encountered with the massive shut down for interruption of the performance.

Cloud hosting technology permits the integration of rare combination of resources for applications and resources. The enriched website would retain the visitors for long time and also would get new visitors.

Is it suitable for your website?

There would be no question whether it can be useful for specific application. Clouds are preferred right from websites for individuals to the web giants like Google, HP and so on. Websites for individuals as well as small organizations can grab more out of clouds rather than the other traditional hosting services. The reason is simple. The traditional web hosting plans are subscribed for the minimum period of a month or a year. Whether you use or don't use the resources, you are paying for the resources. Unlike them, clouds are beneficial in a way that the customer pays for the resources used and for the duration of the time the resources are used.

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